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Q&A With Empyrean’s Director of Automation, Stephen Higgins 

Stephen Higgins is the Director of Automation at Empyrean. With over 10 years of experience in HR, Stephen specializes in integrating AI to enhance HR practices such as boosting employee engagement and optimizing workforce management. Under his leadership, Empyrean drives innovation in AI-driven HR solutions, continually adapting to industry demands. We wanted to delve into […]

5 Steps to Improve Employee Satisfaction with Benefits

This article was first published in BenefitsPro. Employee benefits are crucial to the satisfaction and productivity of any workforce. Research has consistently shown a direct link between the perceived quality of benefits employers offer and overall employee job satisfaction. For example, a study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that 92% of employees […]

Plan design, employee experience top of mind for benefits leaders

SANTA ANA PUEBLO, N.M. — A recent gathering of benefits administration leaders and practitioners in a remote New Mexico desert resort was dominated by discussions of employee mental health, rising employee expectations, and finding ways to meet employees where they are while tackling rising health care costs that impact employer-provided benefits.  Empyrean’s EVOLVE 2024 brought […]

Creating a Connected Workplace Culture: How to Bridge the Physical & Digital Divide 

In the modern workplace, fostering a sense of connection among employees is more than a nicety — it’s a necessity. As many companies were forced to adopt remote and hybrid work models over the past few years, the challenge of building meaningful employee experiences and deep connections within teams has become even more complex. Yet, […]

Empyrean’s Evolve24 : Unveiling the Secrets Behind Product and Technology Evolution 

As businesses continuously evolve, the need for innovative technology solutions that can keep pace with dynamic workplace demands becomes crucial. Most companies are dedicated to enhancing and expanding the technology and services that support and engage diverse workforces. At the upcoming Empyrean’s Evolve24, Session 5 will offer an exclusive look into how technology and products […]

Empyrean’s Evolve24: Crafting Communications for Enhanced Employee Engagement 

In the world of corporate communication, creating a seamless experience for employees is crucial for their engagement and satisfaction. Empyrean’s Evolve24 is set to host an enlightening session that delves into the intricacies of effective communication both on and off digital platforms. Led by Misty Guinn, Sr Manager of Communication Strategy, this session will showcase […]

Empyrean’s Evolve24: Exploring the Future of Work with AI 

The future of work is unfolding before our eyes, and at the heart of this transformation is Artificial Intelligence (AI). As we gear up for Empyrean’s Evolve24, we will explore how HR professionals can integrate technology seamlessly into their strategies. The session, Amplifying the Human Element of AI: Bringing a Personal Touch to Technology, will […]

Q+A With Empyrean’s Sr Director of Product Strategy, Jen Peery

Jen Peery is Empyrean’s Sr Director of Product Strategy. With over 16 years in benefits administration, she has extensive experience planning and executing ben admin product strategies. She is focused on innovation and elevating the end user experience for Empyrean products. We got to ask Jen her insights into product strategy and what is important […]

Empowering Public Sector HR: Empyrean’s New Partnership with Sourcewell

When it comes to public sector human resources, the challenges of managing employee benefits can be vast. With the unique complexities and regulatory hurdles faced by government and educational organizations, HR professionals are continually seeking solutions that enhance efficiency and compliance. Empyrean is excited to announce our recent selection as a benefits administration supplier for […]

Optimizing the Connection Between Individual Wellbeing and Workplace Wellness 

The link between individual wellbeing and overall workplace wellness has never been more crucial. The upcoming panel at Evolve 24 promises an enlightening exploration into how the health of each team member is a cornerstone of organizational prosperity. As we delve into this vital topic, we invite you to join us in uncovering the strategies […]

Meeting People Where They Are – Benefits & Employee Experiences That Make Your People Feel Like They Belong 

As the workplace continues to expand, the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging is imperative to unlocking the full potential of an organization’s employees. At Empyrean’s upcoming EVOLVE conference, a session is set to offer insights into fostering a culture where every individual feels valued and connected. This invite-only event for Empyrean clients and […]

Empowering Public Sector Benefits: Solutions and Strategies for the Public Sector at SALGBA

Empyrean is excited to attend the upcoming State and Local Government Benefits Association (SALGBA) conference on April 21st – 24th, a pivotal event for public sector entities focused on enhancing their benefits offerings.   This conference serves as a crucial gathering point for benefits administrators across the public sector to exchange insights, confront common challenges, […]

Cultivating Connection: Strategies for HR in the Digital and Distracted Era with Jim Priebe 

The upcoming EPIC conference, scheduled for April 25th, will feature a particularly relevant session for HR professionals, titled “Build a Connected Culture in the Age of Distance and Distraction.” Presented by Jim Priebe, Chief Strategy Officer at Empyrean, this session will delve deep into the opportunities and challenges of cultivating a connected organizational culture in […]

Transforming Your Business and Employee Experience with Precision Benefits 

On Tuesday, March 5th Empyrean will attend the LIMRA Enrollment Technology Strategy Seminar. Tammy Kaplan, a Strategic Account Advisor at Empyrean will be participating in a panel discussion sharing insights and a case study about the impact Precision Benefits has had for a client and their employees. Precision Benefits is our AI enabled technology that […]

Empyrean Announces an Expansion of Solutions That Champion a Connected Culture Across the Employee Journey

Empyrean expands its business model, offering two solutions that work independently or in concert to help organizations build a connected culture—increasing employee productivity, wellbeing and retention. HOUSTON — (Feb. 22, 2024) — Empyrean, a company committed to building better corporate cultures, today unveils a business expansion to help organizations build a connected culture by supporting […]

Empyrean Launches the Experience Lab – Transforming Client Engagement Through Customized Content 

Empyrean is announcing a new strategic creative communications and content service called The Experience Lab. This service is seamlessly integrated with the Empyrean Platform, providing a comprehensive suite of services to enhance client support. These services include consulting, strategy development, custom content creation, campaign execution, and detailed performance analysis and reporting.    With The Experience […]

Ethical AI in Benefits: Our Commitment to Progress Together 

At Empyrean, we’re enhancing the way you connect your people to their benefits with AI – not by replacing the human element, but by amplifying it.   We’re dedicated to enhancing the human side of Human Resources through AI and believe that the real power of AI lies in its ability to enhance human service, adding a […]

Empyrean Launches Enhanced Benefits Capabilities to Support a Richer, More Connected Employee Experience

Enhancements to benefits and engagement technology as well as the launch of in-house content and strategy services are all designed to create a better benefits experience for employers and employees. HOUSTON — Feb. 1, 2024 — Empyrean, the company committed to building better corporate cultures through benefits, today announced the launch of enhanced benefits technologies […]

Empyrean’s 2024 Roadmap: Enhanced Benefits Capabilities to Support a More Connected Employee Experience  

As we step into 2024, Empyrean is at the forefront of employee engagement and benefits administration. Our 2024 Product roadmap unveils a series of advancements and technologies designed to enhance communication, streamline processes, and empower employees. This reflects Empyrean’s continuous innovation, dedication, and focus on addressing the needs of employers, HR teams, and end-users.   […]

Behind the Firewall: A Candid Talk with the CITO on Empyrean’s Data Security Strategies

We talked to Empyrean’s CITO, Kelly Clark to get his unique insight into how Empyrean stacks up in cyber security.  Empyrean: Why are you excited about Empyrean?  I’ve been in this space for quite some time. Empyrean should be proud of its technical stack. A lot of the organizations that I’ve had experience with are […]

Empyrean Announces Opening Keynote Speaker for EVOLVE24

Empyrean is thrilled to announce that Jenn Lim, CEO, founder, bestselling author of Beyond Happiness, and one of the World’s Top 50 Keynote Speakers, will be kicking off EVOLVE24 with an opening keynote session entitled, “Going Beyond Happiness: Unleash Your Team’s Potential for a Purposeful and Positive Double ROI.” Jenn’s mission is both simple and […]

Innovating for Excellence: What’s New in Our Winter Product Release  

Empyrean continues to redefine the landscape of benefits administration by integrating state-of-the-art AI technologies and user-focused enhancements. The company’s latest rollouts are a testament to its enduring dedication to providing exceptional service and creating an intuitive, seamless user journey.  Here are the key areas of focus where significant enhancements were made in the back half […]

Empyrean Awarded for Using AI to Drive QA Excellence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way organizations work, communicate, and engage with their people and partners. Empyrean is fully embracing the AI revolution and has seamlessly integrated AI technology into our Service Center operations. This enhancement not only empowers our workforce, but streamlines operations and provides unmatched service and support to both our clients […]

Take Control of Your Health and Wealth: The Power of Empyrean’s Expense Management Feature  

Empyrean’s Expense Management feature, powered by Precision Benefits, is a game-changer in the world of healthcare and benefits administration. This innovative tool leverages our AI-driven proprietary algorithm to transform how employees handle their healthcare expenses.   Effective management of health expenses allows employees to gain a clear understanding of the costs associated with their health […]

Navigating Healthcare Costs with Precision Benefits’ Plan for Care  

Understanding and managing the costs associated with major health services is a top priority for everyone these days.  For individuals and families, this is not just about staying healthy but also about effectively planning and budgeting their healthcare expenses. Empyrean’s Plan for Care, a feature from Precision Benefits, steps into this space, offering a comprehensive […]

Empyrean’s Approach to the AI Revolution

In an era where Artificial Intelligence is evolving at an unparalleled pace, and where innovative products are emerging daily, defining an AI strategy is imperative for organizations in benefits administration and healthcare. AI is more than just a trend; it’s the future unfolding now. As these technological advancements promise to transform healthcare and benefits, it’s […]

Empowering Your People to Make the Best of Their Benefits With Empyrean’s Plan Review 

In today’s ever-evolving workplace, ensuring that employees understand and make the most of their benefits is crucial. Empyrean’s Plan Review, a key feature of Precision Benefits, empowers employees to make better benefit decisions based on how well their benefits performed last year.  Plan Review allows companies to assess the effectiveness and value of their benefit […]

Protecting Your Digital Presence: Cyber Safety for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Digital interactions play a huge role in our daily personal and professional lives. Employers and employees alike are vulnerable to cyberattacks and scams, making everyone susceptible to potential cybersecurity threats. In this informational session, Empyrean and NortonLifeLock show you how to best protect your digital presence during the holiday season and throughout the year. From […]

Overcoming the Top 5 Benefits Service Challenges

Navigating the world of employee benefits is no small feat for HR professionals. Ensuring their employees are receiving the best possible service and support from their benefits administration partner is critical to the well-being and satisfaction of their entire workforce. Among the myriad of benefits service challenges faced by employees, five stand out the most:  […]

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity: Empyrean’s Resiliency Program

As the risk of disruptions to business operations mounts in the face of severe weather, cybersecurity breaches, global pandemics, terrorism, and even war, many organizations have found themselves struggling to protect themselves from evolving threats. Unfortunately, it is often not until businesses find themselves at immediate risk that they take action to prepare for the […]

Smart Choices Simplified: Discover AI-Powered Decision Support with Precision Benefits 

The employee benefits ecosystem is evolving with the extension of artificial intelligence. In this digital age, generic one-size-fits-all solutions no longer suit the needs of employees and their families.   Did you know that 72% of people say they wish they could get help selecting the best health insurance for their unique situation?   That’s […]

Empyrean Adds Sarah Seger to Growing Sales Team as Senior Director of Channel Enablement

Houston, TX. [Nov. 2, 2023] Empyrean (www.goempyrean.com), a leading HR technology company focused on personalized people and benefit experiences, is excited to announce Sarah Seger as the new Senior Director of Channel Enablement. Seger will play a pivotal role in amplifying Empyrean’s operational excellence and innovative solutions delivery through strategic collaborations and alliances.  Seger brings […]

Empyrean’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility 

Empyrean’s mission is simple yet profound: “Connecting Benefits, Enriching Lives.” At the core of our existence is a commitment to helping our clients connect their employees and their families to the best benefit programs available. We believe that benefits are more than just perks; they are a tangible expression of a company’s culture, and they […]

Jen Peery Joins Empyrean as Senior Director of Product Strategy

Houston, TX. [Oct. 23, 2023] – Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading HR technology company focused on personalized benefits and people experiences, is thrilled to welcome Jen Peery as the new Senior Director of Product Strategy. Peery will play a key role in advancing Empyrean’s product strategy to meet evolving client needs and market demands. Peery brings […]

Empyrean Receives Aetna Workplace Well-being Inspiring Change Award

We are thrilled to share that Empyrean has been honored with the distinguished Aetna Workplace Well-being Inspiring Change Award. This remarkable recognition signifies our dedication to enhancing the well-being of our workforce and the impactful strides we have taken to ensure our team members feel supported at work and in life.   The Significance of the […]

Empyrean Welcomes Ben Carey to Their Sales Team as Director of Channel Enablement

Houston, TX. [Oct. 18, 2023] – Empyrean (www.goempyrean.com), a leading HR technology company focused on personalized benefits and people experiences, is excited to announce the newest addition to their dynamic team, Ben Carey, as Director of Sales, Channel Enablement. Carey is set to bring his expansive experience, strategic insights, and proven track record in benefits […]

Join Empyrean at HR Tech

Are you ready to experience benefits in a way you’ve never seen before? Visit Empyrean’s booth at HR Tech 2023 and get ready to discover how to drive success and engage your people with Precision Benefits. Come see us in the Pitchfest Theater. Join our experts on Wednesday, October 11th from 12:45 PM – 1:15 […]

Technology Spotlight: Engage Your People, Drive Success  

Benefits play a central role in advancing every people-related goal within your organization, ultimately driving your total success as a company. HR and benefit leaders spend countless hours and resources designing strategies to support their employees – but these programs are only as strong as an employee’s ability to leverage them.   In other words, a […]

The Public Sector’s Unique Employer Value Proposition to Attract Gen Z Talent

Over the last decade, the public sector has grappled with an aging workforce and creating an employer value proposition to create a strong and sustainable candidate pipeline. While many experts advise public sector employers to invest in upskilling older workers, others still worry about their inability to attract young talent into public service. Gen Z […]

Innovating With Intelligence: How Empyrean Leverages AI for Superior Service 

Artificial Intelligence is shaping and changing the future of work as we know it. From virtual assistants to chatbots and facial recognition, the world is officially entering the peak era of AI – and so is Empyrean. As part of our most recent product enhancements, we’ve integrated AI technology into our Service Center operations to […]

Women’s Equality Day 2023: Celebrating the Women of Empyrean

National Women’s Equality Day commemorates the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which prevents the federal government or states from denying the right to vote based on sex. August 26, 1920 is considered a major turning point in the fight for women’s rights in the United States. Today and every day, we recognize the fight of […]

Does Your WorkTech Stack Support Your DEIB Efforts?  

Why Workplace Accessibility is About So Much More than the ADA      When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990, it was a landmark civil rights law prohibiting discrimination “against individuals with disability in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to […]

Elevate Your BenAdmin RFP to Drive Improved People & Benefits Experiences

Employer-sponsored benefits play a key role in any organization’s ability to achieve its people-related goals, whether it be through building a positive workplace culture, better attracting and retaining talent, supporting diversity and inclusion, or improving employee health and wellness. But the success of your benefits program is about far more than plan design. To be […]

Using Positive Benefit & People Experiences to Combat K-12 Educator Burnout

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and If you’re a caregiver to a school-aged child, you may have attended a celebratory breakfast or contributed to a classroom gift in honor of the millions of educators across this nation who are shaping future generations. Teaching is consistently cited as one of the most rewarding paid professions in the […]

A Behind the Scenes Look at Empyrean’s Annual Conference

Last week, Empyrean welcomed over 150 attendees to EVOLVE23, its annual invitation-only conference. This year’s event was held at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Savannah along the city’s famed waterfront. The theme for EVOLVE23 was “Connecting Benefits, Enriching Lives”, which aligns with the organization’s corporate mission. Educational programming presented throughout the conference was centered around the […]

Empyrean Releases Full Agenda for EVOLVE

Connecting Benefits, Enriching Lives Empyrean has released its full conference agenda and speaker lineup for EVOLVE, which will feature some of the industry’s top thought leaders and HR and benefits experts. DATE: April 12-14, 2023 LOCATION: The Hyatt Regency Savannah The theme for this year’s event is “Connecting Benefits, Enriching Lives”, which is also Empyrean’s […]

Empyrean Acquires Employee Communications and Engagement Platform and Launches +YOU, a Holistic Solution That Improves Employee Productivity, Wellbeing, and Retention

Houston, TX. [Feb. 20, 2023] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a company committed to building better corporate cultures through benefits, today announced the acquisition of employee communication and engagement platform Enspire. Through the acquisition, Empyrean adds an expanded people-centric dimension to its innovative benefits administration technology and compassionate support services. Called +YOU, the new solution integrates Enspire’s employee […]

Why Your People Experience Matters More Today than Ever Before

A Connected and Personalized People Experience Can Help You Overcome 2023’s Top Employer Challenges  The past few years have presented challenge after challenge for employers, making it harder than ever for HR teams to support their people and reach their goals. Workforces are more dispersed than ever, turnover is high, engagement is low, and it […]

Empyrean Welcomes Tim Purkis as Director, Sales – Public Sector to Their Growing Sales Team

Houston, TX. [Dec. 2, 2022] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-centric employee benefits administration provider, has announced that Tim Purkis has joined the organization as Director of Sales, Public Sector. “Tim joins us with over 15 years of deep industry experience, specifically helping organizations in the public sector solve their benefits-related challenges,” said Mike […]

Empyrean Adds Peter Magazzu to Rapidly Expanding Sales Organization

Houston, TX. [Nov. 4, 2022] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-centric employee benefits administration provider, has announced that Peter Magazzu has joined the organization as Director of Business Development. In this role, Magazzu will concentrate on the continued expansion of Empyrean’s presence across the Mid-Atlantic, developing employer and broker relationships in this region. “Peter […]

Kimberly Longerbone Joins Empyrean as Vice President of Information Technology

Houston, TX. [Oct. 27, 2022] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading benefits administration technology platform and service provider, has announced that industry veteran Kimberly Longerbone has joined the organization as Vice President of Information Technology. As a leader in the technology field, Longerbone will use her wide-ranging IT background, extensive healthcare experience, and IT service management knowledge […]

New Research from Empyrean & NelsonHall: The Evolving Role of Today’s Strategic Benefits Leader

Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges impacting their workplaces, from managing through the COVID-19 pandemic, to attracting and retaining talent during the Great Resignation and labor shortages, to ensuring employee engagement as reports of “quiet quitting” trends continue to climb. These challenges have driven a concentrated shift away from viewing the benefits administration function as a […]

Online Benefits Maturity Assessment

Get the personalized insights you need to become a more strategic benefits leader with our online, interactive Benefits Maturity Assessment. 

Celebrating the Women of Empyrean

Women’s Equality Day commemorates August 26, 1920, the day the 19th amendment was signed into law giving women the right to vote in the United States. Today and every day, we celebrate the women who make Empyrean great. We asked some of these amazing women to reflect about what workplace gender equality means to them […]

Pet Insurance Enrollments Surged by 56% in 2022

Today is National Dog Day, which was first celebrated in 2004 across the country to increase awareness about dogs in need of rescue and to encourage pet adoption. Now celebrated annually on August 26th, members of the 69 million U.S. households who have at least one dog recognize the day by taking to social media […]

Empyrean Adds Kelly Knick to Channel Enablement Group  

Houston, TX. [Aug. 19, 2022] Empyrean (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-focused employee benefits administration provider, has announced that Kelly Knick has joined the growing organization as a Director of Channel Enablement. In this role, Knick will focus on building and nurturing broker and carrier relationships across the country. “Kelly has been a wonderful addition […]

Empyrean Announces EVOLVE – April 12 – 14 in Savannah, GA

Connecting Benefits, Enriching Lives Empyrean is excited to announce that EVOLVE will be held from April 12-14 at Savannah’s Hyatt Regency along the city’s historical riverfront. The theme for our upcoming EVOLVE conference is “Connecting Benefits, Enriching Lives”, a topic closely aligned with our mission to deliver optimized and connected benefit experiences to the over […]

The Growing Role of Financial Wellness Programs in Support of Total Employee Wellbeing

Human resources and benefit leaders continue to navigate one of the most volatile and fast moving business and economic landscapes many of us have ever known. The Great Resignation, increased levels of caregiver responsibilities, financial uncertainty tied to the ongoing pandemic, inflation, and other macroeconomic factors have brought an even stronger focus on the need to […]

Empyrean Welcomes Ken Gooch to Their Sales Team as Director of Channel Enablement

Houston, TX. [May 18, 2022] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-focused employee benefits administration provider, has announced that Ken Gooch has joined their expanding sales team as Director of Channel Enablement. In this role, Gooch will focus on building valuable partnerships to accelerate Empyrean’s growth across all U.S. regions.   “As an industry veteran, […]

Maureen Gardner Joins Empyrean’s Growing Sales Team as Director, Business Development in the Plains Region

Houston, TX. [April 26, 2022] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-centric employee benefits administration provider, has announced the addition of Maureen Gardner to their growing sales team. In this role, Gardner will focus on strengthening Empyrean’s presence in the Plains region, developing employer and broker relationships with a focus on groups above 5,000 benefits […]

Why Having a Rich Benefits Program Isn’t Enough to Attract & Retain Today’s Talent

CHROs, benefits leaders, and members of the C-suite continue to recognize the strong influence their employee benefits program has over their ability to attract and retain their top talent. Unfortunately, a rich, well-designed benefits program is not enough to drive the strong employer brands and workplace cultures that make an organization an employer of choice […]

Empyrean Releases Full Agenda & Speaker Details for EVOLVE/22

Empyrean is excited to welcome some of the industry’s top thought leaders and benefits experts to EVOLVE/22! DATE: April 6-8, 2022LOCATION: The Hutton Hotel, Nashville Building Culture Through Benefits The theme for this invitation-only event is “Building Culture Through Benefits”, and from our high-energy opening keynote all the way through our closing session, our dynamic […]

Empyrean Adds Randy Alvarez to Expanding Sales Team as Director of Business Development in the Northeast Region

Houston, TX. [March 18, 2022] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-centric employee benefits administration provider, has announced that Randy Alvarez has joined the organization as Director of Business Development. In this role, Alvarez will concentrate on the continued expansion of Empyrean’s presence in the Northeast, developing employer and broker relationships in this region focusing […]

Empyrean’s 2022 Benefit Trends Report

As we enter the third year of pandemic-era life, it is clear that the way American workers view their employers, benefit programs, and overall workplaces has changed, creating both a significant and lasting impact on the HR and benefits space. Our 2022 Benefit Trends Report uncovers the year’s top five trends influencing the state of […]

The Critical Role of Supplemental Benefits in a Go-Forward Benefits Strategy

Webinar presented by Dr. Kristin Tugman, VP Health + Productivity, Prudential | Desta Millner, Empyrean | Melanie Haniph, HR Consultant. The COVID-19 pandemic has created physical, mental, and financial challenges that American workers have never faced before, causing employers to quickly shift their benefit strategies to one in support of total employee wellness. A recent study […]

HR’s Growing Role in Data Privacy & Protection

Insights and Advice from an Empyrean Expert The role of our HR and benefits leaders continues to evolve and expand, and now our human resources teams are at the forefront of the battle to ensure both company and employee data remains protected and secure in our increasingly digitized world. Gone are the days when only […]

How Decision Support Technology Can Fuel a Better Employee Experience

Read our Decision Support Guide to learn about the top 5 factors to consider when evaluating recommendation engine platforms. Understand how predictive analytics can help employees understand future risks and costs, and what to look out for when comparing platforms to ensure you get the best fit for your needs.

The Changing Role of the Strategic Benefits Leader

Since the start of the pandemic, company benefits have played an increasingly important role in helping organizations protect the safety, wellness, and health of their employees. This is increasingly the case, not only for physical wellness, but organizations now have greater awareness of mental health and financial wellness impacts on their staff given recent challenges […]

Katie McCabe Joins Growing Empyrean Sales Team as Strategic Director, Business Development for New York

Houston, TX. [Jan. 19, 2022] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading employee benefits administration service and technology provider, has announced the addition of Katie McCabe to their rapidly expanding sales team. In this newly created role, McCabe will focus on the continued development of Empyrean’s presence throughout New York State, working to build employer, broker, and carrier […]

Empyrean Announces EVOLVE/22 – April 6-8 in Nashville, TN

Empyrean is excited to announce that this year’s EVOLVE conference will be held in beautiful Nashville, TN from April 6-8, 2022. The theme for EVOLVE/22 is “Building Culture Through Benefits”, with an educational agenda focused on the strong connection between the role benefits can play in building company culture and the positive organizational outcomes gained […]

Empyrean Adds Rob Veatch as Director, Business Development in the Central Region

Houston, TX. [Nov 2, 2021] Leading employee benefits administration service and technology provider, Empyrean (www.goempyrean.com), has announced that Rob Veatch has joined the growing organization as Director, Business Development, supporting the central region. In this role, Veatch will focus on the continued development of Empyrean’s presence in the Upper Midwest, expanding on broker and client […]

Kelly Clark Joins Empyrean as Chief Information & Technology Officer

Houston, TX. [Oct. 12, 2021] Empyrean, (www.goempyrean.com), a leading benefits administration technology platform and service provider, has announced that industry veteran Kelly Clark has joined the organization as Chief Information & Technology Officer. A proven technology leader in the HR and employee benefits space with vast experience driving business transformation through IT modernization, Clark will […]

Empyrean Launches New Brand Messaging, Enhanced Corporate Website Focused on the Critical Role Benefits Play in Building Positive Workplace Cultures

Houston, TX. [Oct. 11, 2021] Empyrean (www.goempyrean.com), a leading benefits administration technology platform and service provider, announces the launch of its new website and brand messaging aligned with the organization’s mission to help employers create positive workplace cultures by connecting their employees to life-enriching benefits. Empyrean’s new brand message makes a strong connection between the […]

Empyrean Benefit Solutions Adds Chris Melanson to Growing Sales Group

Houston, TX. [Oct. 5, 2021] Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-focused employee benefits administration provider, has announced that Chris Melanson has joined the organization as Director, Business Development. In this role, Melanson will focus on the continued development of Empyrean’s presence in the eastern U.S., building employer and broker relationships in […]

Empyrean’s Stephanie Haney Promoted to Post of VP Sales, Central Region

Houston, TX. [July 22, 2021] Leading employee benefits administration technology and service provider Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. (www.goempyrean.com) has announced the promotion of Stephanie Haney to the post of VP Sales, Central Region. Haney previously served as Director, Business Development for the organization. In this newly created role, Haney will lead an enterprise sales team […]

Do Your Employees Understand Your Benefit Programs and Offerings?

Six Ways to Better Educate Employees About Their Benefit Enrollment Options Each year, HR and benefit teams put Herculean efforts into designing and building benefit plans that best support their employee populations. And it’s no wonder why – robust health and wellness benefit programs are linked to better employee and attraction outcomes and overall company […]

Mike Boyles Joins Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. as Strategic Director of Business Development, Southeast Region

Houston, TX. [June 1, 2021] Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. (www.goempyrean.com), a leading technology and service-focused employee benefits administration provider, has announced that Mike Boyles will join the organization as Strategic Director of Business Development. In this role, Boyles will focus on continuing to develop Empyrean’s presence in the southeastern U.S. “Mike is an industry veteran […]

Empyrean Announces Carrier Partnership with Pet Benefit Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic led to surge in new pet adoption and ownership across the U.S. According to a pulse survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), as of October 2020, more than 11 million American households had brought home a new pet since the start of the pandemic. The benefits of pet ownership […]

New Empyrean Research: 5 Benefits Trends to Watch in 2021

The pandemic has changed the workplace forever, creating seismic shifts in the way employees measure and interact with their benefit programs and offerings. Employers have been forced to view benefits and their resulting employee impact through a new lens, requiring organizations to adopt new strategies and approaches to support their employees’ evolving physical, mental, and […]

2020 Annual Enrollment Prep Guide: Achieve Benefits Success in the Age of COVID-19, Part 2

This upcoming Annual Enrollment may be unique, but the right planning, partners, and proactive solutions will allow you to bring greater peace of mind to your employees – even during these uncertain times. Read Part 1 of this post here. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a workforce that is more scattered than ever before. […]

2020 Annual Enrollment Prep Guide: Achieve Benefits Success in the Age of COVID-19, Part 1

Annual Enrollment is the central moment that defines the success of your benefits strategy, and this year the stakes are higher than ever. Discover how your HR team can cut through the noise to deliver positive results for your employees and business. More employees are working from home than ever before, parents are juggling conference […]

The Future of Work and Benefits after COVID-19, Part 2

By Rich Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer and Steve Campbell, Chief Human Resources Officer In part two of our series, we take a closer look at how perspectives on the typical office environment and employee wellness will shift after COVID-19. For part one of this post series, please click here. Reimagining of the Traditional Office From […]

2020 Benefit Trends Report: Stay Prepared for the Unexpected

This year’s Benefit Trends Report from Empyrean offers key insights into the structure of employee benefit programs moving into the coronavirus pandemic, as well as indications of how benefits may evolve in a post-COVID-19 world. Today, Human Resource professionals are facing the most challenging moments of their careers, juggling the unique impacts of the pandemic […]

The Future of Work and Benefits after COVID-19, Part 1

By Rich Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer and Steve Campbell, Chief Human Resources Officer In this first post of this two-part series, we examine several ways in which COVID-19 has changed how and where work gets done, and explore how these effects may shape the future of work in a post-pandemic world. In just a short […]

Empyrean Stands in Solidarity with the Black Community and our Colleagues of Color

By Rich Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact millions of Americans, so too do systemic injustices against African Americans and people of color. As a company that is a proud of our diverse and inclusive workforce, Empyrean supports the nationwide call to bring an end to racial inequality and violence. […]

COVID-19 Communication Guide: Connect with Your Employees from Anywhere Part 2

By Steve Campbell, Chief Human Resources Officer COVID-19 is a dynamic and rapidly-evolving situation that can present quite a few challenges when it comes to your communication strategy. Here are a few more tips to help you craft and distribute messages that will impact and resonate with your employees. Click here for part 1 of […]

COVID-19 Communication Guide: Connect with Your Employees from Anywhere Part 1

By Steve Campbell, Chief Human Resources Officer Employers are navigating uncharted territory when communicating to their workforce regarding COVID-19. From managing your newly remote workforce to announcing policy updates and next steps for workplace re-openings, these quick tips will help you reach your employees while demonstrating care and compassion. Keep an Open Dialogue Your employees […]

COVID-19 Update: The Latest on How Empyrean is Keeping Our Clients Connected and Our Employees Safe

By Rich Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer As many states begin relaxing stay-at-home orders and businesses prepare to reopen, Empyrean remains focused on helping our clients and participants navigate the latest impacts to their benefits while keeping our employees protected. HR teams all across the country are grappling with the sudden changes and uncertainty brought on […]

Three Ways Employers Are Staying Adaptive in the Age of COVID-19

By Colleen Waymel, Chief Operating Officer The right support will help you keep pace with the fast-moving demands of the novel coronavirus pandemic (and future-proof your benefits approach) without getting overwhelmed. Right now, HR professionals are facing some of the most challenging moments of their careers. Across nearly every industry, Human Resources teams are balancing […]

COVID-19 Update: Empyrean is Committed to Supporting the HR Community

By Rich Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer In just a few short weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected countless lives and businesses. Now more than ever, you need a partner that you can rely on, and your employees need access to benefits support they can trust. Learn what the Empyrean Team is doing to keep your […]

COVID-19 Update: Empyrean Response to the Novel Coronavirus

Empyrean is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our customers, participants, and colleagues as officials and organizations work together to contain the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Here are the latest details you need to know. COVID-19 has prompted an unprecedented time for companies, employees, and their families nationwide. With many questions surrounding this fast-moving […]

Engage on the Go: Mastering Benefits Connectivity to Support Your Mobile Workforce

As working away from the office becomes the new normal, how can you reach employees that work outside of the office, on their feet, or without email – without adding to your workload? Modern technology is allowing people to connect across distances, channels, and even workspaces like never before. Today’s workforce is more mobile than […]

Key Ingredients for a Successful Benefits Administration Technology Partner

Avoid common compromises – and reduce your risk of poor choice and project failure – by understanding what sets successful benefits administration solutions apart. Employers offer benefits to stay competitive in a tight talent market and maintain happy employees. However, your employee benefits experience is not dictated solely by the health insurance, retirement benefits, life […]

5 Tips for Year-Round Employee Benefits Engagement

Annual Enrollment (AE) season is here for many employers, but how well prepared are you to engage employees once Open Enrollment season is all wrapped up? For some employees, AE (or OE) can be the only time of year when they are engaged with their benefits – and disengaged employees can take a serious toll […]

3 Essentials for Best-in-Class Benefits Administration

Few employers can afford the financial and compliance risks of a subpar benefits administration technology provider, but many may not realize when their vendor causes them to compromise. These three essentials will help you avoid unnecessary compromises and find the best partner for your business. Bringing true value to your organization requires relevant experience, insightful […]

Empyrean Named One of 30 Great Companies to Explore ASAP

Empyrean has been named one of 30 exceptional companies for job seekers. The list of employers was curated by The Muse, a leading website for job opportunities and professional advice. Empyrean was the only benefits administration company to make the nationwide list, which includes other top organizations such as Dropbox and TripAdvisor. Companies were selected […]

Benefits Administration Outsourcing: How to Find the Right Path for Your Business

Is benefits administration outsourcing right for you? Whether you are considering outsourcing for the first time, or are a seasoned outsourcer searching for a better-fitting solution, make sure you know what points to consider before making your next move. As health care and employee benefit programs become increasingly more complex, time consuming, and subject to […]

3 Strategies to Prepare for Annual Enrollment

Annual enrollment (AE) might be your busiest time of the year, but it doesn’t have to mean long nights and looming headaches. With the right planning and support, this AE can be your easiest and most effective yet.

Financial Wellness Success: How You Can Help Employees Take Control of their Health and Wealth

Finances are a major source of employee stress, and can negatively impact your employees’ productivity, health, and happiness. With so much riding on financial wellbeing, financial wellness is gaining popularity in the realm of employee benefits. How can you help employees address their health and wealth, while ensuring a valuable return on your investment? Empyrean’s […]

Introducing Pilot+: Use Healthcare Data to Revolutionize Your Employees’ Benefit Journey

By Jim Priebe, Executive Vice President, Product We live in a data-driven world that allows for high personalization in the consumer experience, from retail to airfare. So, it’s no surprise that your employees want their benefits to offer a similar experience. If you think that level of personalization is far off into the future, I’m […]

Leverage Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation to Achieve Better Benefit Outcomes

Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are changing the way many organizations do business – but what does this mean for HR’s undeniably human-centric work? Empyrean’s new At-A-Glance Guide, Analytics and AI in HR, explores how businesses can leverage AI, machine learning, and data analysis to achieve better benefit outcomes. Download this free guide […]

Empyrean CEO Rich Wolfe Named 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

This marks the fifth consecutive year that Empyrean’s CEO and Co-Founder has received this prestigious honor. Over nearly 12 years, Rich Wolfe has grown Empyrean to serve over 3 million participants across more than 400 clients, with tens of millions of visits to its online solutions. Today, the benefits administration technology firm serves all major […]

2019 Benefit Trends Report: Comprehensive coverage and education are top priorities

Benefits are a fast-evolving business, and findings from Empyrean’s 2019 Benefit Trends Report demonstrate that this evolution continues as quickly as ever. Among this year’s findings: employers are focused on delivering coverage choice in addition to managing costs, offering competitive and comprehensive options that expand beyond the basics, and helping families make the most of […]

Introducing Pilot: Your Benefits Recommendation Engine to Guide Employees’ Smart Decisions

By Jim Priebe, Executive Vice President, Product After completing more than 1,500 hours of training to navigate the skies, it’s not surprising that pilots are among the most trusted professionals in America. Similarly, Empyrean’s recommendation engine helps employees navigate their benefit choices and determine their best coverage “destinations” – so it’s fitting that we’ve launched […]

Help Employees Give Flowers, Not the Flu, with Telehealth

By Jill Hernandez, Director of Specialty Insurance Solutions It’s February, which means love is in the air…and unfortunately, so are germs. You don’t have to be a medical professional to know that doctor’s offices are especially crowded this time of year, with low temperatures bringing lower immune systems. Employers no doubt are struggling to find […]

Drive Smart Enrollment with Decision-Support Tools: The 4 Crucial Elements of an Effective Recommendation Engine

Benefits administration technology is reshaping the way employees engage with their benefits—and decision-support tools are a significant factor driving this change. To accommodate the needs of a diverse workforce, however, HR leaders must consider the quality and context of the tools and technology they leverage.

Top Tips to Create a Successful Benefits Administration Request for Proposal (RFP)

The request for proposal (RFP) is a key element when evaluating benefit administration providers. RFP responses can provide a look under the hood of a potential partner’s solution and services, but in order to get the most value from the RFP process, it’s crucial that your questionnaire goes beyond a simple “check-the-box” exercise.

The Value of Voluntary: How to Engage Your Employees with Supplemental Coverage

Voluntary benefits are increasingly essential to employee peace of mind and financial wellbeing, but many employees still struggle to understand how their supplemental plans work. This confusion results in coverage gaps and limited job satisfaction – but a tailored enrollment and benefits experience can help.

3 Tips to Get Ahead of Annual Enrollment

As employers enter the second-half of the year, many HR professionals are also rapidly approaching their company’s Annual Enrollment (AE) period. AE is the busiest time of the year for most benefit teams – but planning a successful AE doesn’t have to be stressful.

Empyrean Named to the Inc. 5000 List for the Sixth Year in a Row

Empyrean has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for the sixth consecutive year.

HR in the C-Suite: How to Gain Influence as an HR Leader

HR is a central pillar of every employer’s success, but many organizations struggle to leverage the full impact that Human Resources can have on their businesses. How can you demonstrate value as a strategic leader and increase C-suite support for your initiatives?

Empyrean Ranks on the HBJ Fast 100 List and is Named an Enterprise Champion Finalist

2018 marks Empyrean’s third consecutive year on the Houston Business Journal’s list of the 100 fastest growing private businesses in the Greater Houston area. Empyrean has also been honored as an Enterprise Champion finalist.

Rich Wolfe Wins the Houston Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO Award

Rich Wolfe has been selected as one of the leading CEOs in Houston by the Houston Business Journal.

2018 Benefit Trends: How Trends are Shaping the Benefits Landscape

In today’s tight talent market, benefits are an increasingly important factor in determining employee satisfaction and company success. Proactive HR leaders are staying ahead of the curve by empowering participants with personalized resources to meet their diverse needs. How does your approach compare?

Empyrean CEO Rich Wolfe Named a 2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

The 2018 award marks the fourth year in a row that Empyrean’s CEO and Co-Founder has been the recipient of EY’s prestigious honor.

Affordable Care Act Update 2018: ACA Requirements for Employers

Over a year into the Trump presidency and the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still as unclear as ever, at least for employers. The Internal Revenue Service has made no move to alter companies’ ACA compliance and reporting requirements – even as the Individual Mandate becomes obsolete in 2019. And after years […]

The 3 Essential Traits of Best-in-Class Benefits Administration Technology

Employee benefits can be a demanding part of your daily business – but this doesn’t have to be the case. A best-in-class benefits administration partner will give your team the boost needed to make the most out of each day. But what should you expect from a premier provider?

Empyrean Wins Three Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Empyrean won awards in three categories of the 12th Annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. This is the company’s first year participating in the competition, which drew over 2,500 nominations from businesses and industries around the world.

Wellness at Work: 3 Keys for Healthier, Happier, and More Productive Employees

An engaging employee wellness program can bring about positive and lasting change that can benefit your workforce and your bottom line. But what is the best way to drive wellness success without burdening your team?

Empyrean Named a Stevie Awards Finalist

Empyrean is proud to be recognized as a finalist in three categories of the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service.

5 Ways Benefits Administration Technology Enables HR Benefits Risk Management

Staying ahead of risks is a critical priority for HR leaders, but ever-evolving regulations and shifting complexities make it challenging. Concerns can quickly spiral into major issues that are costly and time-consuming to resolve – but smarter solutions will help you take a more proactive approach to human resources risk management.

Houston Business Journal Highlights Empyrean’s New Houston Office

The Houston Business Journal has spotlighted Empyrean’s new headquarters in a recent article.

Increasing Benefits Engagement: Five Ways Technology Can Improve Employees’ Benefits Connection and Satisfaction

Introduction Benefits are one of the most important and influential factors affecting employees’ job satisfaction. 84% of employees that are highly satisfied with their benefits also say they are highly satisfied with their job.1

Decision Support: How Benefits Administration Technology Enables Employees to Better Understand Their Coverage and Costs

Benefits administration technology is reshaping the way employees engage with their benefits – and decision support tools are a significant factor driving this change. To accommodate the needs of a diverse workforce, however, HR leaders must consider the quality and context of the resources they leverage.

Energize Your Annual Enrollment: Five Tips to Engage, Educate, and Enable Your Employees for a Better Benefit Experience

Annual enrollment (AE) is approaching fast. For all the time and effort HR teams dedicate to this yearly event, however, many employees remain disinterested or anxious when it comes to shopping for their benefits. How can you and your team ensure a successful annual enrollment?

Empyrean Ranked as a Top Houston-Area Software Developer for the Second Year in a Row

The Houston Business Journal has named Empyrean as one of Houston’s largest business-to-business software developers for the second year in a row.

Health Savings Accounts: Combining HSAs and Technology to Drive Greater Value to Your HDHP

In response to rising pressures, many employers are turning to high deductible health plans (HDHPs) to meet the needs of both their businesses and employees. Combined with an health savings account (HSA), an HDHP can prove to be a mutually beneficial option for both businesses and workers, but your success is dependent on how these […]

High Performance Networks: Leveraging Benefits Administration Technology to Support ACOs and Narrow Network Plans

Introduction HR leaders make it their mission to protect and provide for employees, most notably through the benefits they offer. Competitive coverage is not just critical for recruitment and retention purposes; it also has tremendous effects on the well-being and security of employees and their families. As health insurance premiums rise, however, the cost of […]

Empyrean Named to the Inc. 5000 List for the 5th Year in a Row

Empyrean was named to the Inc. 5000 list for the fifth year in a row. Fewer than a tenth of Inc. 5000 honorees achieve five years on the list – We’re proud of our growth over the course of our ten year history. To make the list, companies must meet certain revenue requirements and be […]

Empyrean Ranked as One of Houston’s Fastest Growing Companies for the Second Year in a Row

The Houston Business Journal has honored Empyrean as one of Houston’s fastest growing companies for the second year in a row.

2017 Employee Benefit Trends Report

Results from this year’s Empyrean Annual Enrollment survey indicates HR leaders’ growing interest in consumer-driven plans, as well as the need to maintain strategic control to adapt to rapid business changes.

Empyrean’s Rich Wolfe Wins an Owler 2017 Top Rated CEO Award

Empyrean CEO and Co-Founder Rich Wolfe has been named one of the year’s top rated CEOs by Owler.com.

Exposing the Top 5 Myths about Outsourcing Benefits Administration

More and more employers are exploring automated solutions to address the increasingly complex challenges of administering their employee health and welfare benefits programs. Today, 6 in 10 employers feel overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of their benefits program management.1 However, some HR teams hesitate outsourcing these functions due to five common myths and misconceptions.

Outsourcing Benefits Administration: Are You Ready?

Whether outsourcing your benefits administration for the first time or making the switch to a new vendor, it’s important to consider your current and future responsibilities and goals alongside your internal capabilities. Which route best aligns with your benefit needs and challenges?

Empyrean Benefit Solutions Celebrates Strong Growth to Kick Off 2017

Today Empyrean announced a record start in 2017 revenue, continuing the company’s strong progress from the end of 2016. Record new client additions, high customer retention, and the successful entry into the small/mid-size business (SMB) market confirm the benefits administration technology and services firm is meeting and exceeding employers’ increasingly complex demands for smarter, more […]

Empyrean CEO and Co-Founder Rich Wolfe Named a 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

For the third year in a row, Rich Wolfe has received this prestigious recognition for his vision and determination in leading Empyrean to year-over-year success.

Traditional Benefit Offering, Private Exchange, or Hybrid Strategy: Which is Right for Your Workforce?

Today HR can utilize a traditional benefits administration offering, marketplace or private exchange, or – with the support of a modern technology platform – implement both simultaneously to execute a hybrid strategy. But each organization faces unique challenges, meaning no strategy is a one-size-fits-all. To determine the right fit, employers must carefully consider strategic and […]

Empyrean CEO Rich Wolfe Wins EBN’s Technology Innovator Award

Employee Benefit News has named Empyrean CEO and Co-Founder Rich Wolfe one of the top 21 innovators shaping the benefits technology landscape today.

Service Philosophy: Five Things to Consider for Benefits Administration Success

There are many factors to consider when evaluating a prospective benefits administration platform. While the technology powering your solution is a critical component, it is not the sole indicator of future success. Given the complex and ever-evolving nature of employee benefits, even the most robust tools require knowledgeable service and support to realize optimal efficiency.

Five Important Factors to Evaluate During a Benefits Administration Technology Demo

Seeing a potential platform in action is an important part of any technology decision. However, there are several elements that are difficult to judge during a demo – but can end up having the biggest impact on your solution’s overall success.

Empyrean Receives Owler’s Hot in Houston 2016 Award

Owler.com has named Empyrean one of Houston’s hottest companies, based on the service’s 2016 data.

Empyrean Recognized as One of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies and the 4th Largest Software Developer in the Houston Area

Our consistent and rapid growth has again been recognized by the Houston Business Journal. Empyrean has earned a place on the publication’s recent Fast Tech 25 list, and ranked 4th on its list of Largest B2B Software & App Developers.

Empyrean Recognized for Strong Year-Over-Year Company Growth by HBJ’s Fast 100 List

Empyrean has been named as the one of the fastest-growing private companies in the greater Houston metropolitan area by the Houston Business Journal!

Empyrean Founders Named in EBA’s List of “10 Benefit IT Power Players”

Congratulations to Empyrean Co-founder and CEO Rich Wolfe, and Co-founder and Chairman Dave Carlson – both named in Employee Benefit Adviser’s latest list of the top technology executives to watch!

ACA Compliance: Key Takeaways from the 2015 Tax Year Experience to Prep You for 2016

While the first Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting year is behind us, compliance challenges continue. Now employers face massive potential penalties with less margin for error, and still must wait for IRS final guidance and instructions for the second year of reporting. Stay proactive and prepped with these takeaways from the 2015 ACA experience.

Empyrean and Bloom Health: Leading the Evolution of Benefits Technology

Rich Wolfe, CEO Empyrean Benefit Solutions Today we’re announcing big news: Bloom Health has officially joined the Empyrean family. Together, we’re moving towards a unified one-platform approach to bring the best benefits technology and services to employers and their employees.

Scaling Up in Tennessee

We believe great technology should be scalable. It should just work, regardless of your company’s size or plan complexity. Great technology also needs great people supporting it. So as our client base grows, we will continue to scale up with equally strong customer support.

Optimal Gear Alignment for Benefits Administration: Critical Path for Operational, Technological, and Cultural Success

Introduction As an HR leader, you are constantly challenged to do more with less – and tasked with providing high-quality benefits and programs despite constant increases in costs.

Data Integrity & Accuracy: Does Your Benefits Administration Data Help or Hurt the Realization of Your Strategy?

For many Human Resources (HR) department leaders, the ability to process and resolve the dozens, if not hundreds, of issues that arise daily stems from being able to get, use, and disseminate accurate and timely information.

The only thing guaranteed for 2016 reporting is – Change!

By Karen Bailey, Compliance Officer Empyrean Benefit Solutions As we look to the year ahead in meeting ACA compliance with Pay or Play and the reporting requirements that support it, we fully anticipate changes on the horizon. Prior guidance reflects that some transition relief will be sunsetted. The IRS, per its usual course of business, […]

Key issues when considering a private exchange strategy

By Rich Wolfe, CEO Empyrean Benefit Solutions As the market for private exchanges in delivering health and welfare benefits has grown over the past few years, more employers than ever are considering if they should implement their own private exchange. If you’re one of those employers, I want to share some thoughts that hopefully will […]

5 Myths about Outsourcing Benefits Administration

By Empyrean Client Advocate Employers who may be exploring automated solutions for administering their employee benefits often let 5 common myths or misconceptions get in the way of their decision-making process: