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Increasing Benefits Engagement: Five Ways Technology Can Improve Employees’ Benefits Connection and Satisfaction

November 13th, 2017

Fostering year-round engagement with your offering is a critical component of successful benefits strategies – but inspiring employee engagement can prove extremely challenging for employers to achieve alone. In an increasingly consumer-driven benefits environment, it is essential that you have the right technology, tools, and support readily accessible to encourage engagement and empower employees to confidently interact with their benefits.

Your employees’ benefits success is directly dependent on the level of engagement enabled by your benefits administration platform and partner. 

Participants need to thoroughly engage with their benefits in order to reap the best results from their coverage options. However, it is crucial that employers facilitate the proper experiences in order to increase engagement and comprehension.

Additionally, the rapid effects of consumerism have increased employee demands for a sophisticated and engaging approach to benefits. Benefits are one of the most important and influential factors affecting employees’ job satisfaction: 84% of employees that are highly satisfied with their benefits also say they are highly satisfied with their job.1

These five tips can help encourage optimal benefits engagement and bring success to employers’ benefit strategies.

  1. Empower employee engagement through consumer-centric technology.
    80% of employees who report a highly positive enrollment also say they are highly confident in their benefits choices.2 A positive and engaging enrollment process, facilitated by a benefits administration technology partner delivering focused and successful online shopping experiences, will help create a momentum of engagement as employees leverage their coverage throughout the plan year.
  2. Leverage your platform to effectively communicate and connect with employees.
    Within your benefits portal, you should be capable of tailoring messages to drive relevant and targeted content to participants throughout the year. Communications should be targeted to specific employee groups to maintain audience relevancy and deliver the most impact.
  3. Drive engagement with decision support tools.
    Your workforce may consist of up to five different generations,3 and within each generation are diverse style, learning, and shopping preferences that influence how employees choose to approach their benefits. For those employees comfortable with a digital and individual process, your benefits portal should be designed to deliver an intuitive user experience featuring complete self-service and administrative capabilities – including a natively integrated recommendation engine. Through your benefits administration technology platform, you should also be able to provide one-on-one support for employees that require or prefer more individualized assistance from a team of dedicated professional benefits experts.
  4. Foster confidence with reliable back-end technology.
    Employees’ benefits confidence and satisfaction (or conversely, their frustration and anxiety) are all dependent on your benefits administration partner’s reliability, flexibility, and scalability. A modern platform will be architected to adapt along with your needs: Strategy-agnostic and carrier-agnostic capabilities will allow your solution to administer any strategy (be it traditional, a private exchange or marketplace, or a hybrid of these two approaches) and any plan or combination of plans from any carrier.
  5. Consider additional steps to encourage engagement.
    Guiding employees to regularly recognize the full value of their employment is an important part of maintaining a satisfied workforce. Interactive total compensation statements, when made directly available through your employee benefits portal, can help employees adopt a holistic perspective towards their individual compensation package. In addition to heightening visibility around their total benefits value, you can also streamline and simplify employees’ benefits interactions with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

Driving consistent, year-round benefits engagement is an extremely important responsibility when it comes to maintaining a satisfied workforce  – but it should not require your team to struggle alongside the management of your other business priorities.

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By choosing a modern benefits administration platform built with engagement, reliability, and adaptability at its core, you can ensure your solution will remain viable as your offering evolves.

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