Our team is here for you, your employees, and their families on Day One and every day thereafter.

Client Experience Director

Responsible for transitioning the “sold” commitments into achieved results.

Implementation Manager

Responsible for managing your implementation process, from start to finish.

Client Service Director

Accountable for all assigned resources and overall service performance.

Client Service Manager

Single point of contact for all service requests; manages the Day One team.

Customer Service Team Manager

Responsible for building, training, and deploying your employee service center.

Strategic Account Advisor

Keeps your team informed of new features, services, and partnerships to improve your benefits program; represents your voice on our product roadmap.

Service Center

Our Service Center delivers personalized service to your employees and your HR team, and to your partners, brokers, and advisors.


Your participants trust you to provide benefits and coverage they can count on, and to lend a helping hand in times of need. They’ll have access to a designated team of experts with deep knowledge of your plans and populations who will serve as an extension of your HR team. We are HIPAA compliant and fully trained to educate and support your employees not just during enrollment periods, but at all times of year. 

HR Team

Our dedicated Employer Benefits Center helps your HR and platform administrators accomplish administrative tasks efficiently and without error. This specialized support helps your team focus on what’s important – your employees – with easy-to-access guidance and issue resolution.

Partners, Brokers & Advisors

Our customer service experts provide support to your trusted partners, brokers, and advisors in accessing our system and supporting your participants.  We have the flexibility to deploy resources based on your desired customer service model.

“Kellee calmed me down and solved my issues.  She made my Christmas!”


“I appreciate the information Humer provided regarding my case. He was awesome! I also appreciate the follow up from Danielle while I was out of town.”


“I appreciate all the hard work Jonathan did helping me with my RX issue and following up with me. I love his friendly attitude.”

-Retiree Participant

“I was having some issues with my wife’s coverage, Dominique did a great job and listened to what I had to say. She was able to confirm my wife had coverage and I was very relieved.”


“I have been going round and round in circles over the last few days with lapsed coverage issues. Vanessa was very kind, handled the issue timely, and followed through as promised.”


“It was my first time calling to the benefit center. I had an amazing experience because Banke was patient with me and answered all my questions about my benefits, from plan detail to timing and what to expect.”


Employer Admin Portal

Every client has access to our online portal, giving your administrators full visibility, control, and transparency into your data. We understand the complexities of administering plans across different locations and eligibility variables, as well as managing diverse employee populations. Your portal will be configured to the exact specifications of your plan and business environment, and will alleviate or remove administrative challenges.

  • Configure location-based employee access rules
  • View all employee data
  • Apply multiple payroll schedules & files
  • Initiate and approve or deny employee life events
  • Manage employee benefits enrollments
  • Access activity web logs
  • Post documents to employee accounts
  • Schedule carrier files on your defined timing