Are you ready to change the way you think about your people experience?

We understand the importance of delivering a comprehensive and dynamic employee experience. We know that the best employee experiences are those that are engaging and integrated into everyday life. We are passionate about helping you create meaningful relationships with your people.  This is why we have developed the next evolution of our people experience.

+YOU belong here.

Experience a whole new way to connect with your people. With +YOU, meet your people wherever they are in work and life. Let +YOU deliver your complete empathetic experience: from recruitment to retirement, and everything in between.

You’re passionate about creating meaningful connections, and so are we.

All In One, All Together: A single entry point that connects your people to your company culture and all the benefits and resources you’ve invested in to support them. 

Every day, Year-Round Engagement: Be there for your people when they need you the most: from benefits enrollment, to training, to compliance, and culture building.  

Meaningful, Targeted Communications: Deliver engaging campaigns to drive behavior, improve benefits decision-making, and elevate your employer brand while supporting your teams. 

A Living & Breathing Experience:A personalized, dynamic benefits experience fueled by individualized health data, helping your people to choose and then use the best benefits available for their unique needs.

An Experience Driven by Precision Benefits

Precision Benefits empowers +YOU to deliver an empathetic and individualized experience for your people. Precision Benefits is our proprietary AI-enabled technology that provides employees with personalized recommendations and guidance based on their own health data.

Delivered through a familiar mobile experience, Precision Benefits shares recommendations, insights, and communications with your people year-around, when they need it most.

Personalization that Scales with You

Our scalable solution is built with your growth and benefits evolution in mind. Regardless of your current participant population, we provide the tools you need to create personalized, engaging meaningful benefit experiences that support your organization’s goals both today and in the future.

One Connected Experience

While there is a monumental amount of data that exists on each and every one of us in the healthcare and benefits system, data and programs are housed in disconnected apps that fail to provide one centralized, combined viewpoint.

The interoperability of data and information across applications and platforms drives +YOU personalization and effectiveness, enabling the ability for multiple systems to exchange health information and use the information once it is received – all through one centralized access point.

Secure, HIPAA Compliant Interactions

Empyrean exceeds all industry security standards so that the protection of your team’s data is never in question.

While still adhering to all HIPAA compliance standards tied to private health information, our solution provides HR teams with the tools they need to send timely, relevant communications and guidance based on health data and other triggers and indicators.