Benefits Administration

Adaptive technology & service that drive better engagement, better experiences, and better outcomes.


Gather real-time insights with on-demand and fully configurable solutions with automated processes, built-in eligibility and compliance rules, and an intuitive enrollment experience that supports your employee benefits strategy.


Flexible integration capabilities simplify administrative burdens with secure connections to your providers, from payroll and HRIS systems to wellness programs and consumer accounts.


Gather real-time insights with on-demand and customized reporting while leveraging advanced analytics to understand and optimize program performance.


Your dedicated Client Service Team provides expert configuration, robust testing, best practice solutions, and responsive support for your employees that continuously evolves to meet the demands of your business.

Vaccine Tracking

With Empyrean’s tailored solution, you can now get the expertise and support you need to execute your vaccination strategy and meet evolving compliance requirements.

Easily track COVID-19 vaccinations for your organization; depending on your vaccine/’back to work’ strategy, we have a number of solutions to choose from including ‘Proof of Vaccination’, ‘Vaccine Attestation’, ‘Application of Surcharges or Credits and support for communications.

Have questions?

Our team is here to answer any questions you have about out how our innovative technologies and service-first approach can bring your benefits strategy to life.