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Refine Your RFP: 10 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Evaluation Process

Refine Your RFP: 10 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Evaluation Process

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Drive Smart Enrollment with Decision-Support Tools: The 4 Crucial Elements of an Effective Recommendation Engine

Drive Smart Enrollment: The 4 Elements of an Effective Recommendation Engine

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Technology that maximizes your flexibility, power, and efficiency.

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The Empyrean Platform

Scales, adapts, and integrates to fit your unique workforce, industry, and strategy. No compromises.



Benefits Administration Solutions

Online Benefits Enrollment Software


Consumer-grade shopping experiences for traditional benefits and exchanges.

Benefits Administration Management Software


Manage data, programs, and capabilities within one elegant application.

Employee Benefits Technology Configuration


Simplifies complex coding for faster, more accurate program management.

ACA Compliance Software Solutions


Achieve 100% compliance on ACA reporting and other requirements.

HRIS Integrations


Seamlessly connect with any and all HRIS systems.

Benefits Administration Implementation Services


Your solution is expertly implemented and supported by one dedicated team.

Empyrean Empowers You to Do More

It's health and welfare benefits administration for today and tomorrow.



The Empyrean Platform scales to manage benefits for employers with 50 to 50,000 participants.


Embrace market, company, or regulatory changes and requirements with ease.


The deepest and most robust core administration and reporting capabilities available.

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Client success

Client-centered focus on providing the industry's best service and support for Success That Scales.


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