Build a Connected Culture

Improve employee wellbeing, productivity, and retention by
creating a connected people experience

Build a Connected Culture

Improve employee wellbeing, productivity, and retention by creating a connected people experience



innovative technology


a service-first approach


personalized experiences

Our Two Solutions

Empyrean Benefits

Empyrean Benefits is a full-service benefits administration, integrated ancillary services, and benefits guidance solution.

Empyrean Connect

Empyrean Connect is an employee engagement solution that enables organizations to create, deliver, and measure internal communications, employee productivity tools, and wellbeing initiatives.


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Empower your team with a personalized benefits experience

In a world where personalized shopping experiences are the standard, benefits should be no exception.

That’s why we created Precision Benefits – an AI-enabled technology to empower your employees with personalized benefit recommendations fueled by their individualized health data.

Learn how Precision Benefits can enable your employees to make informed benefit choices.


Attract and retain employees. All in one app.

Elevate Your Benefits with AI

We’re enhancing the way you connect your people to their benefit with AI – not by replacing the human element, but by amplifying it. Learn more about our approach to AI.

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Call Review

AI reviews 100% of calls in real-time to ensure we are staying true to our service-first mission.

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Auto-Generated Call Summary

AI-generated case notes to streamline our operations and reduce call hold times.

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Intelligent Listening

AI-powered listening for faster, high-quality customer support.

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Virtual Assistant

AI assistant is available 24/7 to employees to get support when they need it.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Benefits with Effective and Meaningful Communications

We deliver personalized, data-driven communication and custom engagement strategies that connect your workforce with what matters most.

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You’re the priority at Empyrean.

Your Empyrean team becomes an extension of your team, providing proactive and empathetic support starting on day one. Our service-first approach ensures that we meet your day-to-day needs and help you achieve your long-term goals.

AI security certifications

Maintaining valuable security certifications is a must

Our commitment to being a leader in security standards is reflected in our compliance with SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA