Empyrean Awarded for Using AI to Drive QA Excellence

Empyrean Awarded for Using AI to Drive QA Excellence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the way organizations work, communicate, and engage with their people and partners. Empyrean is fully embracing the AI revolution and has seamlessly integrated AI technology into our Service Center operations. This enhancement not only empowers our workforce, but streamlines operations and provides unmatched service and support to both our clients and their employees.  

While many technology platforms emphasize AI’s role in driving results, Empyrean sees AI as a collaborative partner. Our team members leverage AI as a tool to work with HR and Benefits teams, providing insights and support that complement and enhance human capabilities.  

That’s why we’re excited to have been awarded Level AI’s QA Excellence Award, which reflects our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence in quality assurance practices and showcases our dedication to delivering top-notch client and customer experiences.

At Empyrean, AI is the powerhouse behind our team, enhancing — not replacing — human expertise. It’s about support, not substitution. 

Learn more about Empyrean’s ethical approach to Artificial Intelligence.  

Take Control of Your Health and Wealth: The Power of Empyrean’s Expense Management Feature  

Take Control of Your Health and Wealth: The Power of Empyrean’s Expense Management Feature  

Empyrean’s Expense Management feature, powered by Precision Benefits, is a game-changer in the world of healthcare and benefits administration. This innovative tool leverages our AI-driven proprietary algorithm to transform how employees handle their healthcare expenses.  

Effective management of health expenses allows employees to gain a clear understanding of the costs associated with their health and wealth choices, allowing them to make informed decisions that improve their total well-being. This clarity is invaluable, ensuring that employees fully leverage their benefits and make choices that are both financially and medically sound.  

How it Works 

The Manage Expenses feature brings organization and simplicity to what is often a complex and confusing process. It consolidates all medical events and bills in one accessible place, removing the hassle and stress typically associated with healthcare paperwork. This consolidation is more than just a convenience; it’s a strategic tool that empowers employees with a comprehensive view of their healthcare journey. The feature also includes timely reminders for utilizing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), if available. These reminders are crucial in helping employees cover out-of-pocket healthcare costs, thus optimizing their financial resources. 

Read about how Manage Expenses helped Jay  

Jay is a passionate and adventurous young man with a love for sports and a zest for life. Whether on the basketball court or the soccer field, Jay is always in his element, pushing his limits and enjoying every moment.  

However, fate had a different plan for him when he suffered a severe knee injury during a game. As the pain grew, Jay knew he had to act and get knee surgery to regain his mobility and continue pursuing his dreams.  

He turned to Precision Benefits and utilized its expense management feature. This provided him with a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved with his knee surgery, including hospital fees, medical tests, and post-operative care.  

Precision Benefits not only helped him through a challenging time but also empowered him to focus on what truly matters – his health and his passion for sports. 

Watch this video to learn more about how Manage Expenses helped Jay. 

Empyrean’s Manage Expenses feature is not just about tracking and organizing; it’s about proactive health and financial management. Enabling employees to stay on top of their healthcare finances effectively puts them in the driver’s seat. This control is critical in helping them avoid unexpected bills and make smarter, more cost-effective decisions about their health.  Employees can confidently manage and save on their health bills, enabling them to live a more stress-free and healthy life.  

Click here to explore more aspects of Precision Benefits.  

Navigating Healthcare Costs with Precision Benefits’ Plan for Care  

Navigating Healthcare Costs with Precision Benefits’ Plan for Care  

Understanding and managing the costs associated with major health services is a top priority for everyone these days.  For individuals and families, this is not just about staying healthy but also about effectively planning and budgeting their healthcare expenses. Empyrean’s Plan for Care, a feature from Precision Benefits, steps into this space, offering a comprehensive solution.  

Plan for Care is designed to prepare individuals for all healthcare scenarios, from routine check-ups to unexpected medical events. The feature delivers personalized messages based on individual and family health conditions, ensuring that the advice and information provided are as relevant and useful as possible. This personalized approach is critical in helping employees understand their unique healthcare landscapes and how they can navigate them effectively. 

How it Works 

The core of the Plan for Care feature is its ability to provide clear insights into the costs of major health services. This is where our AI-driven proprietary algorithm plays a pivotal role. By analyzing vast amounts of data, the tool can give employees a clear picture of what they can expect to pay for different healthcare services. This level of transparency is crucial in helping employees avoid unexpected financial burdens. Moreover, the feature offers insights into potential cost-saving measures. By knowing the anticipated out-of-pocket costs upfront, employees can make more educated choices about their healthcare, aligning their decisions with their financial situations. 

Read How Plan Review Helped Robyn 

Robyn is the proud franchise owner of a bustling hair salon and a determined woman living with diabetes. She refuses to let her condition define her or dampen her entrepreneurial spirit.  Robyn values the ability to plan and budget her healthcare expenses effectively. Plan Review  delivers insights into the expenses related to her diabetes treatments, regular check-ups, and any other medical services she might need in the future.  

The knowledge Robyn gains gives her a sense of financial security, allowing her to focus on what truly matters – her passion for hairstyling and providing exceptional service to her beloved clients. 

Watch this video to learn more about how Plan Review helped Robyn.    

Empyrean’s Plan for Care from Precision Benefits supports employees as they prepare for all healthcare scenarios, from the expected to unexpected. Its innovative use of AI and data-driven algorithms places it at the forefront of healthcare decision support tools, truly transforming the way employees engage with and manage their healthcare needs and expenses. This capability is not just about numbers; it’s about empowering your employees to make informed healthcare decisions that align with both their medical needs and financial capabilities. 

Learn more about Precision Benefits and how you can empower your team with a personalized benefits experience.  

Empyrean’s Approach to the AI Revolution

Empyrean’s Approach to the AI Revolution

In an era where Artificial Intelligence is evolving at an unparalleled pace, and where innovative products are emerging daily, defining an AI strategy is imperative for organizations in benefits administration and healthcare. AI is more than just a trend; it’s the future unfolding now.

As these technological advancements promise to transform healthcare and benefits, it’s crucial for tech companies to develop a framework guiding the adoption and use of AI. This ensures not only seamless integration into daily operations and tech stacks, but also provides essential support to all teams and employees. It’s about making the most of AI’s capabilities in a way that’s effective and ethically responsible.

We must acknowledge that rapid change is not only the new normal, but that it is only going to accelerate.

Empyrean understands this shift. We’re enhancing every interaction with intelligent technology, ensuring our clients and their people are supported by sophisticated AI.

We’re not replacing the human element; we’re amplifying it.

We believe AI’s true potential lies in its ability to augment human service, bringing a personal touch to technology.

At Empyrean, our commitment goes beyond technology – we’re dedicated to enhancing the human aspect of Human Resources with AI. We partner with our clients on their journey, constantly evolving our technology to create a future-ready business.

Personalization Beyond Prediction

Empyrean goes beyond using AI for decision-making and efficiency, our focus is to personalize the employee experience.

Our AI doesn’t just automate; it understands and adapts, providing a unique experience for each user, whether it’s an employee selecting benefits or an HR professional looking for insights.

At Empyrean, AI means personalized interaction at scale. Our AI listens and learns, tailoring each interaction to meet individual needs and preferences.

It’s not about replacing the human element—it’s about amplifying it.

Partnership Alongside Performance

While many technology platforms emphasize AI’s role in driving results, Empyrean sees AI as a collaborative partner. Our AI works alongside Empyrean team members and HR and Benefits teams, enhancing their skills and amplifying their efforts, without overshadowing the human expertise.

Empyrean’s AI is more than a tool for performance, it’s a collaborative partner in progress. It works with your team, providing insights and support that complement and enhance human capabilities, never replacing them.

Progression Ahead of Automation

In a market often focused on automation, Empyrean prioritizes AI’s role in fostering progressive learning and evolving intelligence. Our AI isn’t a static tool but a dynamic learner, continuously improving and pushing boundaries to keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.

With Empyrean, AI is about constant movement forward. Our technology is a beacon of progression, constantly advancing to not just keep pace, but setting the standard in benefits administration technology.

Empyrean’s AI in Action: Elevating Every Interaction

1. Enhanced Participant Experience

  • Personalized Support
    Through advanced API connections and our continued advancements in Learning and Language Modules (LLM), we provide support tailored to each individual, ensuring every digital or telephonic engagement is personalized. Our AI assistant knows each of your employees and can provide real and impactful support. Plus, our 24/7 AI assistant is always available, ensuring employees have the support when they need it.
  • Personalized Recommendations
    Precision Benefits is our AI-enabled technology that empowers your employees with personalized benefits recommendations fueled by their individual health data. It provides year-round guidance and personalized communications, helping employees make the most of their benefits for themselves and their loved ones.

2. Client Support Operations

  • Smart Assistance for HR
    Our 24/7 AI assistant guides HR administrators through our platform and provides training and support to access relevant insights and reports.
  • Streamlined Implementation
    AI-driven configurations ensure quick, precise platform setup, reducing the need for extended meetings and accelerating implementation, all tailored to client needs.

3. Internal Efficiency

With AI-enhanced support, our service team is equipped with tools to provide unmatched service. This means faster response times, more personalized assistance, and an overall smoother experience for our clients and their employees. Our AI-powered systems work constantly in the background, allowing our team to focus on what they do best – understanding an organization’s unique needs and delivering top-notch service.

  • Call Review
    We use AI to review 100% of service calls in real-time to ensure we are staying true to our Service First mission.
  • Auto-Generated Call Summary
    AI-generated case notes streamline our service operations, reducing wait times on calls.
  • Intelligent Listening
    Our AI-driven listening delivers faster, high-quality customer support.

4. Product Development Innovation

  • Quality at Speed
    AI assists in quality assurance, code stability, and security to bring our clients features that are not only advanced but reliable.
  • Forward-thinking Development
    Our AI-driven code generation accelerates innovation, keeping our clients ahead of the curve.
  • Cybersecurity
    AI-driven anomaly detection and behavioral analysis strengthen our cybersecurity, proactively identifying and mitigating threats.


At Empyrean, AI is the powerhouse behind our team, enhancing — not replacing — human expertise. It’s about support, not substitution.

AI sharpens our work, making the complex simple and the routine rapid.

We harness AI to fortify your decisions, elevate your operations, and enrich your workforce’s experience. Because in the business of benefits, it’s human insight paired with intelligent technology that creates enduring value.

At Empyrean, we bring together cutting-edge technology with a Service First approach. We understand that exceptional service and innovative technology go hand in hand.

It’s the balance that helps you foster a healthy and supportive workplace culture and connect your people to life-enriching benefits year-round.

About Katie Carroll

Katie Carroll is Empyrean’s Director of Product Marketing. She serves as the voice of our clients and their employees, bringing new technologies and services to market in ways that build workplace cultures, strengthen employer brands, and improve employee outcomes both in and outside of work.

With over 15 years of diverse industry experience, Katie’s consumer-focused background brings a unique perspective to redefine how people choose and use the best benefits available to them as individuals to support their daily lives.

Katie is a key contributor in driving Empyrean’s product strategies and messaging to help organizations deliver the personalized benefit journeys and people experiences needed to holistically support their employees and reach their company goals.