Benefits Strategy Enablement

Adaptive technology & service that drive better engagement, better experiences, and better outcomes.

Data-Driven Guidance

A simplified and intuitive enrollment experience, fully integrated into our core Benefits Administration platform, consolidates point solutions and embeds personalized recommendations directly into the enrollment workflow.

Decision Support

We drive informed employee benefit choices using individual claims data and proprietary algorithm. Here’s how that works:

  1. Create an employee profile using historical medical and pharmacy claims data
  2. Compare the employee profile against a database of 1b+ claims & consumer behaviors to predict future healthcare needs
  3. Model the predicted future costs for the employee and family in context of the healthcare benefits being offered
  4. Recommend the most cost-effective benefits package


Using data, we amplify your cost containment strategy by connecting employees to benefit programs and resources at the time they are relevant:

  • Build awareness of benefit programs like Telehealth, disease management, and mental health support.
  • Alert employees to their healthcare spend and out of pocket costs via simplified bills and calls to action
  • Claims-driven alerts to employees showcasing opportunities to utilize their supplemental benefits


Let your employees bring their best selves to work by integrating a robust set of wellness benefits into your program. While we have a preferred partner program that can help you to improve your employee experience while managing costs, we can create connection points from our platform to every capable vendor in your benefit strategy.

Looking for Member Login?

Each company has a unique link to their own enrollment website. To log into your company’s enrollment website, please contact a representative from your company’s human resources department. They can share the link and log-in directions with you.