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Benefits Administration Optimization: Are your gears aligned for operational, technological, and cultural success?

May 3rd, 2016

HR is under more pressure than ever to do more – and deliver more – with fewer personnel, time, and financial resources. This daily grind may cause compromises which may threaten your ability to execute your strategy and daily work – and are wholly unnecessary.

These common compromises ultimately fall into at least one (and often more than one) of these buckets:

  1. The current system no longer fits.
  2. We work too hard.
  3. Our partner isn’t responsive.
  4. The current system no longer works.
  5. The current system costs too much.

At Empyrean, we see good companies making unnecessary compromises. With regards to your benefits administration, we think of it as an engine that should be running smoothly – and within that engine are three gears: Operations, Technology, and Culture. If one or more is out of sync, your whole benefits administration performance is at risk, and you will not achieve your organizational goals.

As an HR professional, you are under pressure to respond – and still guide, serve and lead. Are your current processes and supporting systems hampering your ability to execute those goals? Is your ability to deliver what is demanded by both your executive management and employees compromised?

Empyrean’s client-adaptive technology is designed to enable your strategy and end operational, technological, and cultural compromise.

We invite you to download our May 2016 At-A-Glance about Optimal Gear Alignment. This document will help you identify and diagnose the issues that don’t necessary make the most noise, but the ones that affect you the most.

Examine your own operational, technological, and cultural gears. As you read and questions spring to mind, we’d love to get your thoughts. Email us at