Empyrean Receives Aetna Workplace Well-being Inspiring Change Award

Empyrean Receives Aetna Workplace Well-being Inspiring Change Award

We are thrilled to share that Empyrean has been honored with the distinguished Aetna Workplace Well-being Inspiring Change Award. This remarkable recognition signifies our dedication to enhancing the well-being of our workforce and the impactful strides we have taken to ensure our team members feel supported at work and in life.  

The Significance of the Aetna Workplace Well-being Award 

This recognition from Aetna is the result of a meticulous evaluation of our well-being programs and the extent to which our team has actively participated in them. Empyrean stood out in a competitive field by demonstrating a strong commitment to nurturing a healthy and supportive workplace culture.  

To be considered for this award, organizations must provide a full year’s worth of data on their well-being programs which are thoroughly evaluated for their strategy and design, communications and organizational engagement, and program implementation and adoption.   

The evaluation was conducted by a panel of well-being professionals who meticulously reviewed and scored the effectiveness of each organization’s well-being programs based on pre-defined criteria, ensuring that this recognition is truly well-deserved. 

This accomplishment reflects Empyrean’s belief that everyone deserves a workplace culture that supports their total well-being through benefits. We could not be prouder of this achievement, and we could not be more grateful to every member of our team who not only recognizes the importance of their own well-being, but the well-being of the millions of people who rely on Empyrean to access and engage with their benefits and well-being programs year-round.  

At our core, Empyrean exists to help each of our clients connect their employees and their families to the best benefits programs available to them, building a workplace culture focused on employee well-being both in and outside of work. 

We believe that benefits are one of the most tangible expressions of company culture, and our mission is to connect employees to those life-enriching benefits while driving positive outcomes for employees, their loved ones, and our client organizations.  

As an organization, company culture is the single most important influencer of our individual and company success. We invite you to dive into Empyrean’s Culture Book, and take some time to explore our culture, our mission, and our values.