Energize Your Annual Enrollment: Five Tips to Engage, Educate, and Enable Your Employees for a Better Benefit Experience

Energize Your Annual Enrollment: Five Tips to Engage, Educate, and Enable Your Employees for a Better Benefit Experience

Annual enrollment (AE) is approaching fast. For all the time and effort HR teams dedicate to this yearly event, however, many employees remain disinterested or anxious when it comes to shopping for their benefits. How can you and your team ensure a successful annual enrollment?

These five tips can help you drive a smarter, streamlined, and more effective enrollment experience. With the right strategy, tools, and support, you can deliver positive results for both your business and its employees.

  1. Inspire action with strong communications
    Your communication strategy is one of the major factors impacting your annual enrollment success. To get employees excited and engaged about their benefits, it’s critical that you consistently and clearly communicate the importance of annual enrollment across multiple channels.
  2. Help your employees help themselves
    The rapid rise of online shopping is quickly shaping consumers’ expectations for intuitive and reliable digital transactions – and this includes benefits enrollment. Your benefits administration partner should provide a suite of decision support tools within your enrollment experience to help guide employees to better benefits choices and outcomes.
  3. Put the “human” back in Human Resources
    To deliver the full-fledged guidance your workforce needs, employees require access to knowledgeable one-on-one support. In addition to a streamlined and intuitive online experience, your benefits administration partner should provide guidance solutions via a single client-dedicated team that can reliably address the questions and concerns that are unique to your organization’s benefits.
  4. Dive into your data
    Your benefits administration platform holds a wealth of data that you can strategically utilize to improve AE communications and processes. Your outsourcing provider should offer intuitive reporting tools and advanced capabilities to help you target communication campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Understanding these patterns can bring insights that will help you recognize important factors and efficiently concentrate your annual enrollment engagement efforts.
  5. Your benefits administration technology partner makes the difference
    Your technology platform will either enable or hinder your annual enrollment efforts. It’s critical that the benefits administrator you entrust is capable of fully managing and supporting your goals, leveraging modern solutions to meet today’s complex benefit needs.

We invite you to download Empyrean’s newest At-A-Glance Guide for a deep dive into these five tips for energizing and streamlining your annual enrollment experience.

With the right steps and partner in place, your annual enrollment should proceed smoothly and effectively – no matter how your business operates or your strategy develops. Utilizing a modern and adaptable platform and knowledgeable outsourcing team, you can simplify enrollment processes, lower company costs, protect your workforce, and create a momentum of success that will continue long after annual enrollment is over.

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