2018 Benefit Trends: How Trends are Shaping the Benefits Landscape

2018 Benefit Trends: How Trends are Shaping the Benefits Landscape

In today’s tight talent market, benefits are an increasingly important factor in determining employee satisfaction and company success. Proactive HR leaders are staying ahead of the curve by empowering participants with personalized resources to meet their diverse needs. How does your approach compare?

Employees from each of the five generations that comprise the current workforce – Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation1 – require the right experiences, tools, and guidance to understand the complex dynamics of their health and wealth benefits.

Financial wellness is fast becoming a critical element of today’s offerings, right alongside employee wellness and core coverage options. Benefit leaders must constantly shift their thinking as employees demand a more holistic approach to address their overall wellbeing.

Empyrean’s newest At-A-Glance Guide analyzes the latest benefit trends to help you optimize your strategy for better benefits outcomes. This free report dives into the data to illustrate how the benefits landscape is changing and what to consider as these trends continue.

Here are just a few of the findings:

  • High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) are the most popular plan options: 99% of companies offer at least one of these types of plans and 62% of companies offer both.
  • Full-replacement strategies are far from the norm: Only 14% of employers utilize HDHPs as their sole coverage option.
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are crucial to smart consumerism under an HDHP: 88% of employers provide eligible participants with access to an HSA, and 87% offer an HSA contribution.
  • Employee wellness is important: Nearly half of employers provide employees with a wellness program, and 80% of those employers offer an incentive to keep eligible employees engaged and motivated.
  • Financial wellness is coming into focus: While only 4% of employers offer a financial wellness program, this number is expected to rise given the impact that financial wellness has on employees in and outside of the workplace. Half of the employers surveyed have implemented their financial wellness program within the past 2 years.

For more, download the 2018 Benefit Trends Report today. Learn how these trends are shaping the benefits landscape and impacting everything from employees’ expectations to businesses’ bottom lines. Download this free report to gain insights and perspective that will help you drive positive results across your organization.

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