Introducing Pilot: Your Benefits Recommendation Engine to Guide Employees’ Smart Decisions

Introducing Pilot: Your Benefits Recommendation Engine to Guide Employees’ Smart Decisions

By Jim Priebe, Executive Vice President, Product

After completing more than 1,500 hours of training to navigate the skies, it’s not surprising that pilots are among the most trusted professionals in America. Similarly, Empyrean’s recommendation engine helps employees navigate their benefit choices and determine their best coverage “destinations” – so it’s fitting that we’ve launched the major new release of our recommendation engine with enhanced capabilities and a new name: Empyrean PilotSM.

Pilot is a critical decision-support tool that walks employees through a brief questionnaire about their life status and general habits, then yields personalized benefits packages that match their unique needs. Available through the Empyrean benefits administration and enrollment platform, Pilot compares any combination of employee benefit plans your organization offers, and recommends “best-match” benefits packages based on employees’ age, gender, family status, financial risk tolerance, and health status. Pilot is built on more than a decade of proprietary Empyrean data, thousands of internal development hours, and intensive user testing – all to help your employees better understand your benefits program and determine the right coverage for their needs.

Employees’ best-match results not only include traditional medical, dental, and vision benefits, but also voluntary product offerings, including critical illness, hospital indemnity, and accident insurance when available. Pilot’s holistic approach educates your employees to see the bigger picture of how their benefits work together to meet their needs, and treats them as the whole people they are – not just a sum of parts.

Machine learning takes Pilot’s capabilities a step further, enabling recommendations to be refined over time to ensure employees are consistently matched with the best-fitting coverage year after year. For example, Pilot will learn that life events such as getting married or having a child, or claims-based events like surgery or a hospital stay, will mean that its recommendations should reflect those new circumstances and benefits needs. Empyrean’s approach with Pilot is affirmed through internal data that show that among year-one users, 70% kept their recommended coverage into their second year with the tool.

Every time we fly, we trust the experts for guidance and a safe arrival, and your employees should trust your benefits and benefits experience in the same way – both during open enrollment and after a major life event. On behalf of the Empyrean Team, I invite you to get a personalized demo and learn how Pilot can help your employees navigate and engage with their benefits. You’ll see how Pilot will give your employees the security and peace of mind they need to find a safe landing during their next benefits enrollment.

Learn more about the four crucial elements of an effective recommendation engine: Download our infographic.