Pet Insurance Enrollments Surged by 56% in 2022

Pet Insurance Enrollments Surged by 56% in 2022

Today is National Dog Day, which was first celebrated in 2004 across the country to increase awareness about dogs in need of rescue and to encourage pet adoption.

Now celebrated annually on August 26th, members of the 69 million U.S. households who have at least one dog recognize the day by taking to social media to post photos of their pups and share information about local animal shelters and pet rescues. 

As a nation, why are we so obsessed with our pets?

The benefits of pet ownership are evident. According to a pulse survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 75 percent of pet owners surveyed reported that spending time with their pet helps them manage stress levels while increasing their sense of well-being.

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, pets quickly emerged as the ultimate work from home companions. Office closures, social distancing, and lockdowns forced Americans to spend much more time at home, leading to a surge in new pet adoption and ownership across the country.

As of March 2021, more than 23 million American households had brought home a new pet since the start of the pandemic. With more than 70 percent of U.S. households owning pets, the majority of which pay more than $2,000 annually in pet care, many employers are offering supplemental benefits to assist employees with pet care costs.

Data from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) shows that there has been yearly double-digit growth in pet insurance enrollments since the mid-2010s. Empyrean’s 2022 enrollment data shows a dramatic 56.37 percent increase in pet care benefit adoption over 2021, with almost 35 percent of plan participants offered the benefit electing coverage.

As more U.S. households welcome pets home each year, employers can expect employees to continue to seek ways to offset the financial costs associated with pet ownership – especially during times of economic uncertainty.

Pet Benefit Solutions – An Empyrean Preferred Partner

Pet Benefit Solutions is a valued partner in our carrier network, integrating directly with the Empyrean platform to create simplified administrator and employee benefit experiences. Comprehensive coverage under Pet Benefit Solution’s Total Pet Program includes veterinary care, pet product savings, and pet care services.

There are several key advantages for employers looking to offer pet insurance benefits through Empyrean’s partnership with Pet Benefit Solutions, including:

  • Simple and straightforward employee enrollment directly in the Empyrean platform
  • Easy setup and streamlined administration
  • Coverage for all pets with no pre-existing condition exclusions, waiting periods, or deductibles
  • Flat rate family pet plan coverage for multiple pets
  • Simple billing processes with no reconciliation needed
  • High employee participation and engagement rates

Please contact our team at with any questions regarding the Empyrean platform or our ability to integrate with your preferred pet insurance carrier.

Happy National Dog Day!