Empyrean Benefit Solutions Celebrates Strong Growth to Kick Off 2017

Empyrean Benefit Solutions Celebrates Strong Growth to Kick Off 2017

Today Empyrean announced a record start in 2017 revenue, continuing the company’s strong progress from the end of 2016. Record new client additions, high customer retention, and the successful entry into the small/mid-size business (SMB) market confirm the benefits administration technology and services firm is meeting and exceeding employers’ increasingly complex demands for smarter, more innovative solutions.

“We’ve deliberately set our product vision to be the trusted ‘go-to-place’ for an individual’s health and wealth related benefits. We believe every employee should have a personalized experience to help determine their outcomes and goals related to their health and wealth benefits,” said Empyrean CEO Richard Wolfe.

“Our growth is reflective of the market demand for a modern health and welfare benefits technology and service experience for everyone – one that is supported by strong user and administrative experiences, as well as consistent implementations and a service support center that continually score high in client satisfaction.”

Clients continue to see payoff from several key developments driven by Empyrean in 2016.

Most notably, the company acquired its partner of three years, Bloom Health, and has built significantly on that success. Empyrean continues evolve and deliver its modern hybrid model, leveraging its uniquely flexible technology to allow employers to offer both traditional benefits administration and marketplaces/private exchanges simultaneously to meet a wide spectrum of demands from different employee populations.

To increase access to top talent and further support its growing client base, Empyrean also launched a second client Service Center in La Vergne, Tennessee, near Nashville.

“We have attracted clients who demand nothing less than the best employer and employee experience without compromise,” continued Wolfe. “Empyrean’s record new client additions and continued strong customer retention confirms we are providing the innovative technology and high-value service companies across all major industries and market sizes need – and we continue to help HR leaders navigate and accomplish their business goals in 2017.”

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