Empyrean Announces Carrier Partnership with Pet Benefit Solutions

Empyrean Announces Carrier Partnership with Pet Benefit Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic led to surge in new pet adoption and ownership across the U.S. According to a pulse survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), as of October 2020, more than 11 million American households had brought home a new pet since the start of the pandemic.

The benefits of pet ownership are evident. The same APPA study found that 75 percent of pet owners surveyed say that spending time with their pet helps them to manage stress levels while increasing their sense of well-being.

With more than 68 percent of U.S. households owning pets, the majority of which pay more than $2,000 annually in pet care, many employers have started offering supplemental products to assist employees with pet care costs.

Empyrean has announced that it has added Pet Benefit Solutions to its carrier network, enabling Empyrean clients to add this supplemental offering to their benefit programs while enabling employee enrollment through the Empyrean platform.

Comprehensive coverage under Pet Benefit Solution’s Total Pet Program includes veterinary care, pet product savings, and pet care services. There are several key advantages for employers looking to offer this benefit through Empyrean’s partnership with Pet Benefit Solutions, including:

  • Easy setup and administration within the Empyrean platform.
  • Simple and informative employee enrollment.
  • Flat rate costs for family pet plans without the need for individual quotes.
  • Simple billing processes with no reconciliation needed.
  • Coverage for all pets with no pre-existing condition exclusions, waiting periods, or deductibles.
  • High employee participation and engagement rates (up to 25%).

For more information about this new partnership, please contact us at info@goempyrean.com.