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High Performance Networks: Leveraging Benefits Administration Technology to Support ACOs and Narrow Network Plans

September 13th, 2017

As the cost of coverage continues to rise, employers are expected to increasingly turn to high performance networks – or HPNs – to offer competitively priced protection and care. Though HPNs may bring financial advantages, however, simply adding these types of plans to your benefits packages is not enough to shift workers’ mindsets and garner significant adoption.

These options – which include accountable care organizations (ACOs) and narrow network plans – lower employer and employee costs through trade-offs not typically available on traditional plans like preferred provider organizations (PPOs) or health maintenance organizations (HMOs).

As with any plan offering, however, an employee-centric experience must be a key component of your strategy. It is this experience that drives consumerism among employees and sets the stage for satisfaction and engagement after enrollment. Your benefits administration technology platform is one of the major factors affecting your employees’ experiences – and ultimately influencing their benefits comprehension, participation, and outcomes.

With the right technology platform and approach, HPNs can enable you to balance a competitive benefits offering alongside your cost containment goals. To drive success, it’s imperative that your employees receive the consumer-centric shopping and enrollment experience – including easily accessible information, intuitive tools, and strong participant advocacy – needed to build measurable understanding, satisfaction, and success around your HPN plans.

We invite you to download Empyrean’s newest At-a-Glance Guide to utilizing benefits administration technology and services to best support and enrich your HPN offering and overall benefits strategy. Modern, flexible technology enables you to address and guide employees as consumers through their enrollment process and towards cost-effective coverage benefit choices they can feel confident about year-over-year.

With the right benefits administration partner, you can execute your strategy to simplify enrollment, drive engagement, lower costs, and deliver satisfaction around your HPN plans.

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