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Our timeline:

2006: Empyrean founded
2007: First client goes live with 6 clients and over 25,000 lives by end of year on the Empyrean Platform
2013: Over 100 clients and 500,000 participants on the Empyrean Platform
2016: Empyrean expands with Minneapolis and La Vergne, TN (near Nashville) offices
2018: Over 300 clients and 3,000,000 participants on the Empyrean Platform to date


In 2006, Empyrean’s founders recognized employers were struggling against inferior and inflexible benefits administration technology. Employees and their families were unable to reap the full value of their benefits, and companies’ successes suffered as a result.


So we designed a better solution: The Empyrean Platform.

Our founders leveraged their decades of industry leadership experience to create the definitive blueprint for modern benefits enrollment and administration. The Empyrean Platform is different: our common data architecture curbs errors, creates better standards of use, and is infinitely scalable to allow all companies to easily control the complexity of their benefits program, regardless of size, industry and depth of participation.

When it comes to your benefits data, errors are unacceptable. Employers shouldn’t have to compromise on any aspect of their benefits strategy, flexibility, functionality, or service. We believe HR should have total control over their benefits program without compromise.

HR professionals and their benefits participants don’t want surprises. They want to maintain consistent coverage, costs, compliance, and quality service during Annual Enrollment and year-round.

Empyrean quiets the typical noise that burdens benefits teams and delivers predictability in the highly unpredictable benefits business. That’s why we proudly maintain 97% client retention.


In other words, we perform.

You can have control in your employee benefits management, because Empyrean delivers as expected, when expected. Of course, HR moves fast — so when surprises or changes do happen, Empyrean’s client-adaptive technology ensures that your solution stays in sync with your strategy.

When you have a question, or when your employees and their families have a need, Empyrean is ready to help with responsive service from our 100% US-based and in-house team. Real people, well versed in your unique benefits, strategy, and culture.

With Empyrean, you don’t have to sacrifice service quality when you outsource. Instead, you’ll improve the benefits experience for both your participants and team.

It’s what your business deserves. It’s what your employees expect. And it’s the same reason hundreds of blue chip companies trust Empyrean to manage millions of annual transactions and service calls. With our perfect combination of modern technology and resolution-driven service, we give companies like yours Hi-Touch Benefits Administration without compromise.


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