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of employees expect decision making tools and support when choosing benefits
of employees don’t understand some aspect of their benefits
of employees feel confident after enrolling using Empyrean’s Recommendation Engine
of employees that stick with their plan year-over-year based on our Recommendation Engine – thus saving
on coverage and administrative costs

Benefits are some of the most influential
factors in recruiting and retaining top talent.

However, many employees lack essential benefits knowledge - which can leave them frustrated, over- or under-insured, and open to serious financial risks.

With the right tools, you can provide employees with the support they need to feel confident with their benefit decisions without taking valuable time or resources away from your team.



Recommendation Engine

Personalized support for an exchange or exchange-style offering: ideal for four or more plans.

Providing your workforce with more plan options can help your offering stand out. Empyrean's recommendation engine offers the guidance and perspective employees need when navigating their choices, so they appreciate their benefits instead of being overwhelmed by them.

  • Five-Minute Survey: Employees complete a quick survey to gauge their personality, financial circumstances, family needs, and risk tolerance using a series of jargon-free coverage questions.
  • Personalized Plan Matches: Surveys result in a unique personality profile, used to match employees with the plans that best fit them and their families. Employees can choose to elect recommended plans or explore their options further.
  • Benefit Advisor Confidence: Whether they've just started shopping or are ready to hit submit, employees can contact our Customer Service Team to discuss their specific options and get helpful guidance from a licensed benefit advisor.



Guided Decision Support

Comprehensive resources for a traditional benefits offering: around one to three plans.

  • Plan Overviews - Employees can access electronic copies of all plan materials from their self-service benefits portal, eliminating the hassle of lost documents and helping them feel more secure and informed.
  • Videos - Our educational videos present key concepts across a wide range of benefits - including HSAs, HDHPs, 401(k)s, and more - using easy-to-understand language and visuals so employees quickly grasp their options and make the right choice.
  • Glossary - A glossary is accessible at any time during enrollment, providing a quick reference for the many employees who struggle to understand common coverage terms like "premium" and "deductible."
  • Live Help - Employees needing individualized assistance can reach our in-house, client-dedicated Customer Service Representative Team for knowledgeable and friendly one-on-one guidance and answers.

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