Private Exchanges
Cost control and employee choice come together.

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The Empyrean platform makes your ideal exchange solution possible.

Private exchanges enable employers to regain control of their benefits spending while providing the coverage options their workforces need.

The Empyrean Platform makes your ideal exchange a reality with the most flexible and adaptable benefits administration technology available. Our exchange capabilities give you the freedom to develop the perfect solution to fit your benefits strategy now and in the future.

With Empyrean, clients can even elect a hybrid approach – traditional benefits administration and a private exchange on the same concurrent platform, allowing employers to better accommodate diverse employee and retiree groups.



Control Benefits Costs and Offer
More Choices Without Compromises


Solid Core Technology

Exchange solutions are powered by our secure benefits administration technology, which is trusted by over 400 clients every day.

Client-Adaptive Flexibility

Your solution is completely customized to fit your needs, and offers unrivaled scalability and flexibility to keep up with your growing business.

Carrier-Agnostic Solution

Our platform empowers you to choose the exact providers and plans that fit your strategy while lowering carrier costs through competition.

Define Your Approach

Our exchange solutions provides the flexibility for you to implement a fully defined-contribution model or a more population-specific hybrid approach.

Robust Decision Support

Comprehensive decision support tools, a personalized recommendation engine, and one-on-one guidance help foster more confident and satisfied employees.

Full ACA Compliance

All Empyrean solutions are monitored by our in-house compliance experts to ensure they align with the latest legal changes, regulatory updates, and best practices.

Client-Dedicated Team

Our teams learn your benefits strategy and company culture to provide you and your employees with responsive and knowledgeable support.

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“We saw with this private exchange an opportunity to both address marketplace needs and to convert the typical group member into an educated consumer.”

– EVP Group Business and Corporate Marketing

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