Benefits Engagement

When it comes to giving your employees and participants a good benefits enrollment and management experience, you can’t underestimate a proven, methodically designed system – One that engages across all demographics and at all employment levels, from hire to retire.

By the way, if your employees are consistently disengaged and dissatisfied, you’re not alone.

But with Empyrean, you can deliver a user experience to truly increase engagement:

Engage year round. Employees can review and learn about their benefits any time via their online employee self-service (ess) portal.

Straightforward benefits navigation.

Employees usually spend less than 30 minutes making benefits choices. You can maximize those minutes with a streamlined benefits user experience that encompasses employees’ complete needs on a single-source platform.



Compensation goes beyond a salary figure. Help your employees recognize the full value of their compensation with Total Compensation Statements.

Highlight your value.

Employees will disengage proportionally with the number of different partner sites to manage their benefits. As a result, it’s nearly impossible for them to see a complete picture of how their benefits package works to protect them physically and financially. You can make that picture whole again with Empyrean’s single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, transforming separate systems into a true benefits hub. As a result, employees access their personal accounts on provider sites via direct links on their self-service portal – eliminating separate and multiple logins. Also, you have a more holistic capability with total compensation statements at the ready that communicate clearly the investment you’re making in employees overall wellbeing.



Real-time reporting. Tailor your strategy and drive results using real-time data.

Customize your communications.

In a workforce that’s more diverse and dynamic than ever before, you should tailor employee communications that are specific to where each person is in their career and life stage. For instance, new parents’ needs are different from empty nesters’ needs. With Empyrean, you have benefits engagement communications to help you connect with people with relevant messaging that’s meaningful to them.



Empyrean Preferred Partner Network Solution

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