Hybrid Solutions and Private Exchanges
Modernizing your strategy with employee choice has never been easier.

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Strategic flexibility and adaptability is possible with Empyrean.



Considering a Private Exchange as part of your benefits strategy? These four key issues can help determine which exchange model is right for you.

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Develop Any Strategy for one or multiple employee groups

Your Empyrean solution scales and adapts to fit your growing business. Whether a full exchange model or hybrid approach, our clients can implement any part of an exchange strategy with confidence. Empyrean's core technology supports every aspect of your benefits administration - including employee self-service (ESS) with smart recommendations, life event changes, and regulatory compliance.

As health and welfare benefit costs increase, Empyrean's flexible solutions can help HR leaders control spending while putting coverage options in the hands of employees.

Employers on the Empyrean Platform can offer traditional benefits, implement a defined contribution model, or develop a hybrid approach -- all using our proven benefits administration technology.



Lower Costs and Clear Up Confusion

With Empyrean, every client solution is managed and maintained on one platform, so employers can shift benefit strategies without needing to switch to a new system. Our technology was developed for optimal flexibility, functionality, and scalability. Empyrean's streamlined approach eliminates the expenses, administrator hassles, and employee confusion of traditional or limited technology providers, whose convoluted systems require "re-implementation" or unpredictable development on an unfamiliar system to accommodate a private exchange.



Choose Your Carrier

Unlike other benefits administration providers, the Empyrean platform is completely carrier-agnostic and can easily integrate with any other system. Employers can select the plans that best fit their workforce and budget, increasing competition among carriers and helping to lower overall benefits costs.

Empyrean Helps You Overcome the Conventional Compromises of Benefits Administration.

Leading Benefits Administration

Our core technology manages all aspects of your benefits administration needs, including on-boarding and off-boarding, enrollment, and life event changes.

Modernize Your Strategy

Employers can offer traditional benefits, adopt a private exchange strategy, or target specific employee populations with a hybrid exchange approach.

One Powerful Platform

Your solution evolves and shifts on a single platform, eliminating the costs and confusion of "re-implementation" often required by convoluted and outdated technology systems.

Keeps Carriers Competitive

Our carrier-agnostic platform allows you to choose the exact coverage and providers you prefer, maintaining competition among carriers and lowering your costs.

Manage Your Budget

A defined-contribution model lets you to set a limited amount to spend on each employee's benefits, which can help you more accurately predict and manage your costs.

Maximize Consumer Choice

An exchange gives your employees the competitive coverage options they need to stay engaged and appreciative of their benefits.

ACA Compliance Capabilities

Empyrean offers employers a range of ACA reporting and compliance services, proven to help companies stay ahead of deadlines and requirements.

Customize Your Experience with Ease

Your unique solution can be fully and quickly customized to provide benefit experiences that fit your company, strategy, and workforce.

It's Time to Modernize
Your Benefits Administration

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