Power Through Interconnectivity
Create a seamless HR technology experience
with Empyrean's open architecture.

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Empyrean's open interconnectivity works like a universal translator, allowing the Empyrean Platform to be easily integrated with any HR Information System (HRIS) or component.

Your Unique Solution

Empyrean’s Standardized Application Programming Interface (API) enables smooth connectivity between the Empyrean platform and any third-party payroll or HRIS.



Virtually Unlimited Possibilities

Drive your benefits strategy with total flexibility and functionality. The Empyrean Platform can connect to a range of additional HR technologies, including wellness programs, employee engagement, and company intranets.



Consistent Data Clarity

With fully-connected HR systems, you can get more from your health and welfare benefit technology solutions, while avoiding common multiple-system misalignment or issues with limited interconnectivity. You and your team can leverage integrated technologies to gain a better perspective of your strategy, costs, and benchmarks.



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Our Interconnectivity Brings Your HR Solutions Together


Designed for You

Empyrean's open interconnectivity standards allow developers to specially tailor our platform to your needs, so you get a solution that supports your specific strategies.

Technology That Supports Future Change

The Empyrean Platform remains a perfect fit regardless of how your needs may change, and employers can integrate additional HR systems as their strategy evolves.

No More Compromises

Empyrean easily integrates with any HRIS or payroll system, and minimizes multiple-system issues such as duplicate data entry and system-of-record confusion.

Highly Scalable Technology

The Empyrean Platform scales to serve employers of any size and complexity without sacrificing efficiency, functionality, or security.

Improve Your Efficiency

With true interconnectivity, Empyrean's technology platform eliminates errors and improves efficiency to help keep your entire HRIS engine running smoothly and working in-sync.

Gain Valuable Insight

Through connected systems, you and your team will have a more complete picture of your organization's unique HR landscape, providing a clearer view of your overall results.

Create Customized Experiences

Brokers, carriers, and other third parties can utilize our secure data standards to radically reduce the cost and time required to implement and manage clients.

Endless Possibilities

You have the freedom to integrate Empyrean with any HRIS solution; our technology serves you, not the other way around.

It's Time to Modernize
Your Benefits Administration

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