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"Empyrean is so ahead of the curve on 6055/6056. Your documentation has been an incredible resource for us and for our sister companies. Other employers don’t realize how behind they are without this assistance."
- Benefits Director



Prep for next year with our At-A-Glance Guide to key takeaways from the 2015 ACA reporting experience.

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Track Hours for Compliance and Reporting

Empyrean's look-back hours tracking tool, SAFEHARBOR, tracks employees' 30-hour full-time status for ACA compliance and reporting. SAFEHARBOR works natively within the Empyrean benefits administration platform, and can also integrate with third-party payroll and HR systems to provide a complete record-keeping solution.



Prevent ACA Stress

Lower your risks, minimize your administrative burden, and eliminate ACA compromises with Empyrean. We've helped hundreds of clients successfully meet their compliance and reporting requirements. Our team and technology stay up-to-date on all regulatory changes, so you can rest assured that your solutions are always fully compliant.



Choose Your Solution

Empyrean offers three service options, so you can select the best fit for your company's reporting needs:

Full Service:
Empyrean manages reporting from start-to-finish, including data translation and forms coding, employee form distribution, IRS filing coordination, and IRS audit assistance as needed.

Data Translation:
Data is translated into coded, forms-ready files for use by your chosen tax form provider.

Data Delivery:
Data is delivered for coding and use in-house or by your chosen tax form provider.

Empyrean Helps Tackle Your Compliance Challenges

Proven ACA Partner

In 2016, Empyrean sent all required mailings out on-time, completed all filings ahead of the June 30th deadline, and 100% of clients' Empyrean-derived data was accepted as compliant by the IRS.

Variable Hours Tracking

SAFEHARBOR integrates with third party payroll and HR systems, for a complete variable-hour eligibility solution.

No More Compromises

Empyrean has solutions to manage all aspects of your compliance reporting, so you can bring focus back to the priorities that drive your business.

Rock-Solid Coding Capabilities

Over 100 code combinations are possible for Form 1095-C. Our proprietary coding engine automatically determines the correct code combinations for each individual 1095-C form, saving you time and the hassle of learning new codes, along with eliminating error-prone manual coding.

Easy Forms Distribution

With our Full Service option, required forms and notices are created and distributed on your behalf, relieving your team of this tedious burden.

Fully Compliant Platform

Our platform is optimized to help meet all ACA regulations, including ensuring dependent coverage up to age 26, adhering to statutory FSA limits, fulfilling Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBCs) notices, and more.

Dedicated In-House Experts

Empyrean's in-house legal and regulatory compliance experts continuously track, master, and implement the latest regulatory changes and updates.

Three Flexible Solutions

Our three ACA options let you choose the level of service and support that best meets your company's needs.

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