Complexity-Free Configuration
Empyrean's internal solution for managing your unique benefit programs.

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Empyrean's configuration software allows our service and support teams make fast and accurate changes to your benefit programs.

We’ve simplified complex coding to respond to your requests more efficiently, and without costly or unexpected change requests.


Built with Visionary Technology

Empyrean leverages decades of benefits administration expertise in its powerfully agile design. Our configuration tool, Meridian, executes most client requests in a few secure steps, bypassing the time-consuming reprogramming and disjointed testing procedures that affect other platforms.



Simplifying Your Service

Your Client Service Team configures changes for you, reducing the need to forward requests to other departments, while saving time and mitigating the risk of configuration or repetitive data errors.



Helping You Succeed

Smart benefits configuration ties it all together: The Empyrean Platform works seamlessly, empowering your internal team to be fully responsive, flexible, and adaptive to your employees’ evolving needs.



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Empyrean's Configuration Streamlines Your Benefits Administration

Lowers Your Costs

Empyrean's configuration tool features comprehensive capabilities allow your Empyrean Client Service Team to complete many requests without the need for expensive computer reprogramming.

Delivers Faster Results

Changes to your solution can be configured, tested, and executed for fast, accurate, and often immediate results.

Risk Mitigation

Empyrean simplifies a traditionally complex process without sacrificing the depth and flexibility your benefits program needs.

Rigorous Testing Procedures

Empyrean's stable testing cycles ensure your solution is running smoothly, saving you from stressful technical difficulties.

Made Clear

Most change requests can be handled directly by your dedicated Client Services Team - so you bypass the frustrating "telephone" effects of traditional service models.

Ready to Go

Empyrean's powerful configuration tools are designed with HR's needs in mind. Comprehensive functionality enables our team to assist you right when needed.

Powerful Proprietary Technology

The configuration tool, Meridian, was designed and built as a seamless part of our Empyrean Platform, delivering consistent, dependable, and measurable results.

One Dedicated Team

Your Client Service Team manages your solution and executes most requests, so team members stay aware of new developments in your solution or needs.

It's Time to Modernize
Your Benefits Administration

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