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The Top Five Benefit Trends for 2021

Download this research to gain more clarity about the key benefit trends to expect in the coming months and years.

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Ensuring Certainty in Uncertain Times: 3 Mobility Must-Haves for Ben Admin Business Continuity

Learn how to evaluate the preparedness and stability of your benefits administration partner.

2020 Annual Enrollment Prep Guide: Achieve Benefits Success in the Age of COVID-19

Execute an enrollment that delivers positive results through these uncertain times and beyond.

2020 AE Prep: Engage Your Employees with Personalized Guidance

How well are your participants being supported during AE and beyond?

The Future of Work and Benefits After COVID-19

Discover how the effects of COVID-19 will shape the future of work in a post-pandemic world.

The 2020 Benefit Trends Report

2020 Benefit Trends Report

Explore the latest data shaping the business of employee benefits now and into the future.

COVID-19 Communication Guide: Connect with Your Employees from Anywhere

Reach your employees while demonstrating care and compassion.

Three Ways Employers are Staying Adaptive in the Age of COVID-19

Learn how employers are leveraging technology and service solutions to adapt to the growing demands of COVID-19.

5 Tips for Year-Round Communication and Engagement

5 Tips for Year-Round Benefits Communication and Engagement

Engage your workforce and gain more from your benefits strategy all year long.

3 Strategies to Tackle Annual Enrollment with Ease

3 Strategies to Tackle Annual Enrollment with Ease

Make your next annual enrollment period the smoothest one yet.

Benefits Administration Outsourcing: How to Find the Right Path for Your Business

Benefits Administration Outsourcing: How to Find the Right Path for Your Business

Explore key points to consider before making the switch to a new benefits administration partner.

HR in the C-Suite: How to Gain Your Seat at the Leadership Table

How HR can gain more prominence at the leadership table.

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Brochures / 1-Pagers

Ben Admin Business Continuity Checklist

Determine if your benefits partner can fully support you over the long-haul.

10 Tips for a Successful Annual Enrollment

Infographic: 10 Tips for a Successful Annual Enrollment

Cut through the noise to achieve the best AE yet.

2020 Annual Enrollment Prep Guide

Are You and Your Employees Getting the Support you Need During AE?

Identify what your current benefits solution might be missing.

Empyrean Preferred Health and Wellness Partners

Support your employees across the wellness spectrum with Empyrean’s aligned benefit partners.

3 Ways to Deliver a Connected Benefits Technology Experience

The right benefits technology platform features three key elements to maximize employees’ limited attention span and decision-making time.

Empyrean Preferred Financial Wellness Partner, Savvi

Help your employees reach their goals and gain financial security with Savvi and Empyrean.

Empyrean Overview Brochure

See how Empyrean delivers Benefits Administration without Compromise with hi-touch, responsive services enabled by innovative technology.


The Empyrean Story

CEO Richard Wolfe explains how Empyrean was born from a desire to challenge the status quo in benefits administration and our formula for success in today’s evolving marketplace.

Empyrean Hi-Touch Benefits Administration Overview

Take a quick video tour of Empyrean’s expert, responsive services and client-adaptive technology that deliver benefits administration without compromise.

Empyrean Responsive Culture

See why Empyrean delivers Hi-Touch Benefits Administration with unmatched service and support from our knowledgeable experts.

Empyrean Client-Adaptive Technology

View a brief demonstration of how Empyrean’s integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform helps you efficiently manage employee benefits programs.

Empyrean’s Employee Self Service Solution for Benefits Enrollment and Management

See how our intuitive interface helps guide employees through initial enrollment and ongoing changes by clearly outlining required actions tailored for each individual participant.

Empyrean’s Benefits Administration Tool, MAP, Is the Simple Solution to Power Complex Benefit Programs

View an overview of how you can easily and efficiently manage ongoing administration of employee benefits using MAP’s full-featured functionality accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Empyrean’s Open Interconnectivity Tool, Bridge, Helps Create a Seamless HR Technology Experience

Get a quick look at how Bridge gives authorized third parties secure access to the Empyrean Platform, allowing the accurate and timely transfer of data supporting eligibility, enrollment, billing and ongoing administration.