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Empyrean Launches Pilot+, the Industry-First Integrated Solution Leveraging Personalized Health Data to Guide Employees through Benefits Enrollment and Year-Round Engagement

HOUSTON, TEXAS – June 19, 2019 – Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc., the Hi-Touch Benefits Administration company, has launched Empyrean Pilot+℠, a product-line extension that helps businesses and their employees make better benefits decisions and save money throughout the entire year.

Empyrean Pilot+ employs fully integrated data from enrollment to utilization, and performs advanced analytics so employees can realize cost savings in their doctor visits, prescriptions, procedures, and other care needs. Participants can also manage their benefits, view balances and spending trends within one application, and get personalized guidance to steer them towards high-quality and cost-effective care options.

Pilot+ also helps employees before and after both planned and unplanned services, appointments, and procedures – supporting employees through potential appeals, and clarifying and untangling often-arcane benefits rules that most employees find difficult to understand. With Empyrean Pilot+, clients also leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help navigate detailed filings, appeals, and other needs to support better care and improved outcomes year-over-year.

“We know that 84% of employees do not feel confident in their benefits selections. At the same time, 60% of employers are overwhelmed by benefits point solutions and having to deal with and coordinate multiple vendors,” said Richard Wolfe, Empyrean’s CEO and co-founder. “Empyrean Pilot+ is designed to solve these employee and employer pains using machine learning technology and a data-driven approach.”

Empyrean Pilot+ is an extension of Empyrean’s Pilot which analyzes over a decade of decision-making data to guide employees to the most relevant and applicable benefit choices for their unique needs. Empyrean Pilot goes beyond medical, dental, and vision coverage to also include voluntary options such as critical illness, hospital indemnity, and accident insurance.

Empyrean Pilot+ takes this solution further to tie an individual’s selected benefits with on-going education and benefits engagement, along with recommendations and guidance when accessing and utilizing benefits throughout the year, including AI assistance that looks out for employees’ needs before and after receiving care. As a result, employees using Empyrean Pilot+ can save time and money, and more immediately see and understand the value of the benefits their employers provide.

“There are a number of point solutions in the market that individually address education, engagement, and provider cost transparency, but until now these solutions – and just as importantly their data – have not been fully integrated into one platform. Empyrean Pilot+ provides that consistent and predictive employee experience,” said Jim Priebe, EVP Product for Empyrean. “By consolidating multiple solutions into one single platform, Empyrean is helping benefit plan participants reduce frustrating inconsistency in their user experiences and improve overall outcomes, such as accessing quality care and saving money throughout the entire year.”

“We are thrilled to provide a solution that helps employees more confidently make better benefits decisions. By utilizing centralized data and analytics, consumers are empowered to make smarter decisions, save money, and direct their benefits dollars more efficiently for their own personal needs,” said Wolfe. “Empyrean is taking a market leadership role in meeting the needs of employers and employees by fully connecting benefits and enriching lives with Pilot+.”

About Empyrean
Empyrean Benefit Solutions manages employee health and welfare benefits programs, combining the industry’s most modern, client-adaptive, and configurable benefits technology platform with expert, responsive service to deliver Hi-Touch Benefits Administration. Empyrean provides market-leading enrollment, eligibility management, ACA reporting, and other plan administration services that empower employers, insurance brokers, and healthcare exchanges to meet ever-evolving benefit challenges. Founded in 2006, Empyrean’s integrated platform serves over three million annual participants across a wide spectrum of sizes, industries, and complexities. For more information, please visit

Empyrean Pilot℠ and Empyrean Pilot+℠ are service marks of Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc.

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