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Empyrean Benefit Solutions and KrowdFit Partner for Enhanced Wellness Rewards Program Accessibility

HOUSTON, TEXAS – January 23, 2018 – Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc., the Hi-Touch Benefits Administration company, announced today a partnership with KrowdFit, Inc., the Bend, Oregon-based wellness company that encourages, recognizes, and rewards effort for healthy, active lifestyles. KrowdFit will be accessible via Empyrean’s SaaS benefits administration and enrollment platform. The partnership continues Empyrean’s mission to deliver solutions that strengthen year-round employee engagement.

“We’re excited about the capabilities that our partnership with KrowdFit provides to employers and employees,” said Richard Wolfe, CEO and co-founder of Empyrean. “Empyrean is teaming up with companies like KrowdFit to make it easier for our clients to offer smart, effective, and engaging ways to increase employees’ overall wellbeing through healthy fitness and lifestyle choices. This new partnership enables employers to remain talent competitive, improve participants’ lives, and achieve their employee engagement goals.”

“Our goal is to create a healthy revolution and partnering with a recognized industry leader like Empyrean allows us to deliver great customer value via a 1+1=3 integrated benefit solution,” said Jim Miller, founder & CEO of KrowdFit. “Empyrean’s Hi-Touch focus on delivering modern, innovative solutions fits perfectly with our vision and together we can provide best-in-class, high value products to the marketplace.”

Wellness is increasingly becoming a major part of employers’ benefits mix, but implementation and engagement can be stumbling blocks for success. The Empyrean/KrowdFit partnership allows employers to offer a wellness rewards program with simple setup and streamlined maintenance. Employers can leverage the Empyrean Platform to get employees engaged with randomized cash drawings and self-improvement challenges that create sustained engagement in healthy behaviors, with measurable health outcomes across their workforce.

Employees can securely login through their benefits enrollment portal – the Empyrean Platform – and connect with KrowdFit to track healthy activity such as exercise, sleep and meal logging, and increase their chances of winning. KrowdFit members can utilize a wide variety of wearable technology devices (such as smart watches) to track their activity.

“Connecting benefits to enrich the health, wealth, and overall wellbeing of participants is one of the keys to benefits success. By working with leading organizations like KrowdFit across the benefits spectrum, we’re empowering employers to enhance their offerings through our benefits administration technology platform,” said Wolfe. “With KrowdFit on the Empyrean Platform, we’re making it easier than ever for employers to implement and track their programs – while also increasing the frequency, quality, and depth of participants’ everyday benefits engagement.”

About Empyrean
Empyrean Benefit Solutions manages employee health and welfare benefits programs, combining the industry’s most modern, client-adaptive, and configurable benefits technology platform with expert, responsive service to deliver Hi-Touch Benefits Administration. Empyrean provides market-leading enrollment, eligibility management, ACA reporting, and other plan administration services that empower employers, insurance brokers, and healthcare exchanges to meet ever-evolving benefit challenges. Founded in 2006, Empyrean’s integrated platform serves over three million annual participants across a wide spectrum of sizes, industries, and complexities. For more information, please visit

About KrowdFit
KrowdFit has paid out over $1.2 million in cash rewards and is the recognized leader in milestone driven wellness incentive programs. KrowdFit’s mission is to create a “healthy revolution” by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding the consistent “effort” people make to live a healthy, active lifestyle. KrowdFit’s proprietary wellness incentive program has proven to drive very high levels of sustained engagement leading to positive outcomes and long-term, healthy behavioral change. KrowdFit is headquartered in Bend, Oregon and has offices in Bellevue, Washington and Breckenridge, Colorado. For more information, please visit

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