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Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc. to Partner with Empyrean For Health and Welfare Benefits Administration Across the US

A leading benefits consulting and brokerage firm has chosen Empyrean Benefit Solutions to provide HR technology and services that allow them to provide health & group benefits administration to their clients’ 20,000-plus employees.

Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc. (EBS) selected Empyrean following a competitive procurement process to find an organization with a full-service solution that offers greater capability, more flexible technology, increased cost-effectiveness, and enhanced client service capabilities over the ADP platform that had been in place.

Jim Watt, President of EBS said, “In our quest to constantly improve both the integration and automation of our outsourcing solution to enhance client delivery, Empyrean represented the best available option for our clients, and for us. In doing so, we were able to eliminate ancillary systems and databases, ultimately lower our costs of delivery, while also giving us greater ability to customize our solutions by client. Combining technology and our significant experience in this space allowed us to see that partnering with Empyrean provided a much more comprehensive and flexible solution without compromising control or reducing capability”.

EBS is leveraging Empyrean’s entire suite of services, including core health and welfare benefits administration (eligibility management, enrollment, reporting, communications), Call Center, FSA, COBRA/HIPAA and Direct Billing. All of these services are provided from a single platform without subcontracting or off shoring. The solution is tailored to the unique requirements of EBS, creating an EBS-specific solution that the firm will take to market.

About Empyrean:
Founded in 2007, Empyrean Benefit Solutions is a leading provider of technology and services for managing large and middle-market employers’ health and benefit programs. The company’s open systems approach brings together the industry’s most advanced benefits technology platform with the market’s leading domain experts. This agile business solution drives greater value to employers and employees during increasing market uncertainty by giving them an unprecedented level of flexibility, through best-of-breed integration of other software and service providers. Empyrean’s founders are former principals with some of the country’s largest benefits administration service providers.

About Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc.:
Founded in 1994, Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc. (EBS) endeavors to be the nation’s premier human capital consulting firm. The company provides solutions in a variety of human capital-related fields, including health and welfare, benefits administration, retirement, pharmacy, wellness, communications, business intelligence survey data, global solutions, mergers and acquisitions and human resources. EBS specializes in developing programs that maximize clients’ return on human capital investment while enhancing their employees’ perception of the benefit plans and the employment experience.

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