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Dearborn National Partners with Empyrean Benefit Solutions to Offer Best-In-Class Benefits Technology and Services

Health and welfare benefits administration and insurance industry leaders collaborate to provide Dearborn National Benefits Administration: Powered by Empyrean.

Dearborn National today announced a partnership with Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc. to offer integrated employee benefits technology and services to Dearborn National’s clients and their workforces. Dearborn National chose to partner with Empyrean to leverage their advanced software platform, unparalleled customer service and reputation for innovation.

Dearborn National has long been an industry leader, responding proactively to market changes and the evolving needs of their customers. With many companies now exploring new benefit plans that offer their employees various options for coverage, Dearborn National sought a solution that allows them to provide a broad range of benefits administration services, the ability to integrate with third-party providers, and a seamless customer experience.

Scott Morgan, Dearborn National’s Vice President of Business Development and Technology, explains, “We wanted to offer businesses of all sizes a complete benefits administration solution that can flex with the unpredictable nature of the employee benefits landscape and our clients’ needs.”

Keith Wilson, Empyrean’s Executive Vice President of Partner Solutions, adds, “Empyrean is proud to partner with Dearborn National and provide the technology and team to deliver an exceptional benefits experience for Dearborn National’s customers today and in the future.”

About Dearborn National®
Dearborn National is the ancillary subsidiary of Health Care Service Corporation. HCSC is the largest non-investor owned health care insurer in the United States and the fourth largest overall. With 46 years of experience, Dearborn National offers a broad selection of insurance products, including Group Benefits (employer-paid/voluntary), Worksite and Individual, as well as an array of enhanced product services. We are licensed in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. Learn more at

About Empyrean
Empyrean Benefit Solutions is one of the fastest-growing providers of technology and services for managing health and benefits programs. Empyrean provides enrollment, eligibility management, ACA services and compliance, as well as a range of other plan administration services to employers, insurance brokers, and healthcare exchanges. Known for delivering innovative benefits administration solutions, Empyrean has focused on developing a simpler but smarter technology platform, packaged with world-class customer service that enables brokerage firms and insurance companies to utilize Empyrean’s technology to bring the latest consumer support services such as health insurance exchanges to market more quickly.

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