Boost Employees’
Benefits Decision-Making

Empower employees to make smarter decisions during OE and
beyond to decrease benefits costs for all.

How Pilot+ Guides Employees
Put your employees’ data to work for you – and more importantly, for them – to provide personalized, real-time, and ongoing benefits decision support and engagement.

An All-in-One Solution to Boost Your Benefits Strategy

Pilot+ streamlines benefits operations and frees you from some of your administrative burden by merging benefits enrollment support with year-round education and engagement – all on a single platform with a personalized experience.

Benefits Decision Support

Benefits Decision Support

Pilot+ gives your employees personalized recommendations based on their consumer preferences and previous benefits spend/use. Their curated benefits journey updates in real-time based on their historical plan use, teeing up future benefit choices as they hit milestones and change life stages.
Care Planning

Care Planning

Employees can engage year-round by gaining a better understanding of how multiple care episodes tie together into one medical event – i.e., lab costs, physician visits, medications, and procedures. Employees also increase their confidence and satisfaction by comparing costs for future episodes of care, allowing them to plan ahead financially for an entire event, and review past utilization to drive behavior change.
Connection to Specialized Care

Connection to Specialized Care

Pilot+ helps connect your employees to the critical support programs you offer such as disease management, medical decision support, and centers of excellence – amplifying your opportunity for cost savings and continuing to engage employees year-round.
Healthcare Expense Navigation

Healthcare Expense Navigation

Pilot+ provides your employees a single place to access their claims and healthcare bills presented in an intuitive way, meaning fewer benefit and claims questions coming your way. This area of ongoing engagement helps educate employees in maximizing the benefits they’ve elected through highlighting supplemental health plans and how to use their spending accounts to best manage out-of-pocket expenses.


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What is Pilot+
An overview of what Pilot+ does to give employees the security and peace of mind they need.
Case Study: Lisa
An example of how some users would experience Pilot+ to plan life events and get the most value out of their benefits

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