Optimize Benefits Utilization with Pilot+

Empower employees to make smarter decisions that lower benefits costs for all.

Some dreams do come true

It’s not easy trying to assemble a benefits package that your employees understand and utilize effectively when your tools to guide them through the process don’t present it in a way they can grasp and value. Pilot+ resolves this issue by providing personalized guidance and support based on each employees’ unique situation for an optimized benefits experience like no other.

Personalize Benefits Decision Support

Personalize Benefits Decision Support

Inform plan participants of how much they’ve utilized their current medical coverage over the past year and reveal if there are ways to improve coverage efficiency with personalized recommendations based on their use.
Enhance Cost Transparency and Understanding

Enhance Cost Transparency and Understanding

Guide participants to select only the plans and providers they will need. Show them real costs, not price ranges, and enable employees to prepare for incoming medical bills across entire episodes of care.
Streamline Your Program Management

Streamline Your Program Management

Replace multiple non-integrated point solutions with one simple tool to reduce costs and ease your administrative burden.

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Benefits Administration Outsourcing Solutions

Empyrean is a best-in-class, hi-touch benefits enrollment and administration technology platform created specifically for benefits teams to offer a smoother, more engaged, and dynamic benefits program to their employees. Ideal for companies of all sizes, the Empyrean platform integrates with all major carriers, HRIS, HCM, and payroll vendors to offer unmatched data integrity and reporting accuracy.

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