Enrollment & Engagement

Help employees understand your benefits, appreciate their value, and make smarter coverage and utilization decisions – anytime, anywhere – and drive better outcomes.

You work tirelessly for your employees.
Your benefits administration partner should do the same for you.

Your employees need access to benefits information and resources they can trust, wherever they may be. Empyrean delivers the tools and guidance your participants and their families need to navigate their benefits year-round – not just during enrollment – all from one portal, available 24/7/365.

See how you can deliver consistent support to your employees without sacrificing time or losing sight of your priorities.

Give your employees a better enrollment and engagement experience

Deliver a benefits experience that’s intuitive, informative, and easy to navigate both during Open Enrollment and throughout the year. Transform participants into empowered, confident, and satisfied consumers. Employees can shop, enroll, and access their benefits anytime, anywhere, and from virtually any device.

Guide and support how your employees
choose and use their benefits

Employees can access personalized enrollment guidance without burdening your team or relying on clunky third-party applications. With just a few simple questions, Empyrean’s Pilot℠ Recommendation Engine guides employees to discover the best-fitting plan options for their individual health, wealth, and family needs. Best of all, they can enroll in their recommended plans with just a few taps or clicks – no extra websites or logins to remember.

Empyrean Pilot+
Year-round engagement to help your employees make better decisions and save money

Empyrean Pilot+(SM) is benefits enrollment reimagined with integrated year-round personalized benefits engagement.

Pilot+ connects your employees with their own healthcare claims data from enrollment to utilization, unlocking their full value via advanced analytics to optimize enrollment decisions to their personal needs, and performs advanced analytics so employees can realize cost savings in their doctor visits, prescriptions, procedures, and other care needs.

Participants can also manage their benefits, view balances and spending trends within one application, and get personalized guidance to steer them towards high-quality and cost-effective care options.

Pilot+ also helps employees before and after both planned and unplanned services, appointments, and procedures – supporting employees through potential appeals, and clarifying and untangling often-arcane benefits rules that most employees find difficult to understand.

With Pilot+, clients also leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help navigate detailed filings, appeals, and other needs to support better care and improved outcomes year-over-year.

Deliver tailored communications that make benefits personal to your employees

Whether you’ve got 500 participants or 50,000 employees, supercharge and personalize your benefits communications strategy within your employee portal to reach specific participants — when they need it and as they need it — according to age, location, and more.

Don’t sacrifice the service center quality
that your employees deserve

Outsource your benefits administration and take back control of your day, without compromising your effectiveness or values. Your dedicated, 100% U.S.-based Empyrean Service Center Team learns your unique benefits, strategy, and company culture to become a true extension of your own HR department. Via phone, email, text, or web chat, your employees have concierge-level support available in over 237 languages. With service under control, you’ll gain back valuable time to focus on your priorities.

Bring big picture health and financial
visibility to your employees

Leverage Empyrean’s Preferred Partnerships. You can take advantage of pre-established connections and streamlined integration with leading providers and boost engagement with wellness programs, financial savings options, and more.

A Reliable Enrollment Partner


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1st Call Resolution
for Service Center inquiries

on the Empyrean Platform

Your Full-Service Enrollment Solution

One-Stop Online
Benefits Shop

Decision Support &
Recommendation Engine

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Live One-on-One
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Concierge Available

Virtually Unlimited Third-Party Integration Capabilities with HR, Financial, and Wellness Providers

24/7 Mobile Access

Rules-Based Enrollment
Eligibility & Gatekeeping

HSA, HRA, FSA, and 401k Enrollment

Event Scenarios

Additional Features

  • Concurrent New Hire and Annual Enrollment Events
  • Confirmation Statements
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Spanish Standard Site Translation Available
  • COBRA Administration
  • Dependent Verification
  • Event Verification
  • Evidence of Insurability (EOI) Processing
  • Marketplace/Exchange Capabilities
  • Background Checks, Confidentiality Agreements, and Annual HIPAA and Compliance Training for All Empyrean Employees
  • All Service Center Calls Recorded, Archived, and Accessible Online through Your Administrator Portal