Selects Empyrean for responsive service and flexible technology advantages

Client: The Williams Companies, Inc.

Industry: Energy (pipelines)

Employees: 4,700 actives 4,000 retirees

The Williams Companies, an energy firm based in Houston, Texas chose to switch its benefits administration provider to Empyrean in early 2014. Williams is utilizing the full scope of Empyrean’s health and welfare benefits administration solutions including its adaptive technology platform, call center services, and ancillary services such as direct billing, premium payments, dependent documentation/verification and COBRA.

“Our organizations have built an effective collaborative partnership. Our implementation in 2014 was a success and Williams continues to be pleased with ongoing support from our partners at Empyrean.”

Diane Knights, Manager, Health and Group Benefits

Benefits Challenge


The Williams Companies experienced a major reorganization that reduced the number of eligible employees so the company decided to evaluate its existing benefits administration solution from a large provider. The existing benefits administration system had grown more complex over the years and lacked the flexibility and speed to keep up with changes causing Williams to compromise in several areas. When changes were requested, Williams incurred extra fees that added up to considerable incremental expense. Improving the online enrollment experience was also a priority as the current system was proving to be too complex and difficult to navigate for many Williams employees. Finally, Williams was looking for a cost-effective solution that would help reduce costs while improving the productivity of its HR staff.

Empyrean Solution


Empyrean’s technology-enabled services provides Williams HR department with a dedicated account service team that learns about and understands the company’s specific culture, employee populations, and benefit plans. This intimate client knowledge allows Empyrean to respond to support requests quickly and effectively as changes are needed. Under their previous benefits administration provider, updates and priorities had to “wait in line” to be implemented. With Empyrean’s single, client adaptive technology platform, requested changes are implemented promptly and system updates such as website and form changes are made quickly at minimal cost. Williams also has direct access to a dedicated Empyrean account team that supports all services, rather than being reliant on multiple shared services that are not directly accountable to Williams.