Empyrean selected for easy online enrollment, automated processes, and proven ability to manage complex benefit programs

Client: Utility Company

Industry:   Energy

Employees: 15,000 Active Participants 20,000 Retirees

Benefits Landscape: 34 unions, 29 benefits carriers, 484 plans, 230 distinct eligibility sets

An electric and gas utility company serving the Northeastern U.S. faced an enormous challenge in managing benefits administration for 15,000 active employees and 20,000 retirees, including 34 different unions and many “grandfathered” programs. The company’s long-time, existing outsourced benefits administration provider was failing to manage benefits in an accurate and timely fashion, resulting in costly errors and growing employee dissatisfaction. Working with the company’s Employee Services group, Empyrean developed a comprehensive implementation plan that relies on Empyrean’s client-adaptive technology platform and call center services to streamline online employee enrollment and ongoing benefits management.

“We were told that getting our records updated and automating our benefits administration was impossible because of the complexities involved. Thanks to Empyrean, we know anything can be done with the right people and right attitude…and nothing is impossible!”

— Lead Project Manager, Services Delivery Center

Benefits Challenge


This utility company faced the daunting task of managing health and welfare benefits for a highly diverse eligible population that included 28 carriers, 484 plans, and more than 230 distinct eligibility sets. The legacy outsourced benefits administration provider the company had used for many years was error-prone and slow to respond to changes and requests. In short, the existing outsourced provider simply could not keep up with the complex demands of the company’s benefits program, prompting the company to seek alternative solutions.

The utility company had recently experienced a rough transition to a new HRMS provider, and the management team was cautious about another technology conversion. Some even claimed that successfully switching benefits administration systems was not possible given the intricacies of the company’s benefit plans. Empyrean, however, was up to the challenge.


Empyrean Solution


To manage the extensive mix of benefit plans and employee populations, Empyrean’s seasoned benefits administration team worked closely with the company’s HR team to uncover key details for each eligibility group. This effort established a comprehensive set of requirements that could then be automated to streamline ongoing administration of their benefits program. The consolidated requirements also provided clear direction for the company’s carriers and helped resolve a significant number of errors and discrepancies.


Empyrean’s technology-enabled service team effectively managed the transition of health and welfare benefits for 35,000 active and retired employees as well as integration with HRMS and payroll systems, the company’s pension provider, and 28 carriers. The team also exposed and eliminated inaccuracies in employee benefits and rates that existed in the previous administrative system.

"Thank you for all that you have done individually and collectively to get our company to our ‘Go Live’ day. We all needed this outcome for Day One! A noise-free day!”

— Director of Employee Services