Empyrean selected for easy online enrollment, automated processes, and proven ability to manage complex benefit programs

Client: Utility Company

Industry:   Energy

Employees: 15,000 Active Participants 20,000 Retirees

Benefits Landscape: 34 unions, 29 benefits carriers, 484 plans, 230 distinct eligibility sets

An electric and gas utility company serving the Northeastern U.S. faced an enormous challenge in managing benefits administration for 15,000 active employees and 20,000 retirees, including 34 different unions and many “grandfathered” programs. The company’s long-time, existing outsourced benefits administration provider was failing to manage benefits in an accurate and timely fashion, resulting in costly errors and growing employee dissatisfaction. Working with the company’s Employee Services group, Empyrean developed a comprehensive implementation plan that relies on Empyrean’s client-adaptive technology platform and call center services to streamline online employee enrollment and ongoing benefits management.