Numotion selects Empyrean for its adaptive technology and expert support

Client: Numotion, Inc.

Industry: Healthcare

Employees: 2400 active participants 130 locations

Numotion, a leading provider of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) including customized wheelchairs had been using manual processes and systems to manage health and welfare benefits for its 2400 employees in 130 locations. By choosing Empyrean Hi-Touch Benefits Administration, Numotion was able to automate processes such as online employee enrollment, while streamlining back end benefits administration. As a result, the company provides painless, streamlined employee enrollment and more efficient benefits management that saves time and boosts productivity on the HR team.

“Empyrean has freed up my time, my staff’s time, and made our benefits administration much easier and more efficient. I can sleep better at night, knowing that we can rely on Empyrean.”

Gary Gordon, Director of Benefits and Compensation

Benefits Challenge


Over the past two years, Numotion has grown into the industry’s largest complex rehab technology company following the merger of two companies in January 2013. However, Numotion’s health and welfare benefits system struggled to keep up with the demands of its evolving employee benefits program. Benefits were administered through paper-driven processes that required extra time and effort from HR personnel every month just to stay current with employee benefit updates and changes. The company was not able to offer online open enrollment; manual processes were error prone; and carrier connections were often unreliable. Recognizing the limitations of the existing systems, Gary Gordon, Numotion’s Director of Benefits and Compensation, looked for a trusted partner to outsource Health & Welfare benefits administration.

Empyrean Solution


Empyrean’s client-adaptive technology platform and expert, responsive services delivered a Hi-Touch Benefits Administration solution that enabled Numotion to successfully outsource benefits administration. Numotion improved the productivity of its HR department, while significantly enhancing the employee enrollment and benefits experience. Instead of filling out numerous paper forms and waiting weeks for processing, employees now enroll online and are set up in the system in a matter of days.

Empyrean’s dedicated support team conducts weekly status calls with Numotion HR to discuss and resolve any issues. Changes and requests are handled quickly and efficiently through Empyrean’s client-adaptive technology platform.