Empyrean selected for easy online enrollment, automated processes and proven ability to manage complex benefit programs

Client: Healthcare Provider Network

Employees: 14,000 Participants

Benefits Landscape: 16 locations with 44 eligibility groups including unionized and hourly employees

A major hospital group in the northeastern United States was struggling to manage health and welfare benefits across several locations and employee populations in its provider network. Each of its hospitals and care centers relied on manual processes or legacy, in-house benefits administration systems that were slow and error prone. The hospital group chose to outsource benefits administration with Empyrean because of Empyrean’s responsive service teams, accurate automated processes and experience in handling complexity that is common among healthcare providers.

“We needed a platform to handle complexity that is inherent in our industry. We have very unique requirements specific to engagement and Empyrean demonstrated a unique combination of technology platform strength and experienced resources important to outsourcing our benefits administration for the first time.”

Director, Compensation & Benefits Services

Benefits Challenge


This hospital system faced an enormous challenge in trying to maintain and manage separate health and welfare benefits plans for 16 locations in its provider network. Each location had its own benefits administration processes, and employee data resided on multiple systems with some data still maintained manually on paper. In addition, the healthcare system employed many hourly workers that did not qualify for some of the benefits plans in which they were currently enrolled, adding to benefits costs.

The healthcare provider network was looking for an outsourced benefits administration partner that could help them properly gather and organize employee data. Then, using the aggregated data, this healthcare network wanted to automate the benefits administration process to assure easy, accurate employee enrollment as well as facilitate more efficient benefits management for the HR team, including reporting for regulatory compliance.

Empyrean Solution


Empyrean developed a comprehensive plan to collect and organize data from the various locations, including a large, diverse unionized employee population and 44 eligibility groups. During the process, Empyrean worked with the HR departments in each of the hospitals and care centers to help ensure staff engagement and cooperation. By sharing its expertise from planning similar transitions for other clients, Empyrean was able to clean and organize all the employee data and implement a fully automated benefits administration platform that encompassed online benefits management for employees and an intuitive administrative system for HR managers.