Solutions that fit your business model

Through our partnerships, Empyrean enables insurance brokers, carriers and exchanges to deliver comprehensive health and welfare benefits solutions to their customers. Our flexible technology platform easily handles multiple eligibility groups, simplifies data interchange with product providers and reduces overall costs.

Our responsive services and adaptive technology offer unlimited options to build a tailored solution that fits the needs of your customers and your business. You can choose to adopt only our software solution, leaving the rest of the administration to your company. Or we can deliver the entire package including software as well as back-office services.

Empyrean’s partners represent organizations that manage health and welfare benefits for tens of thousands of employees and include:

  • Exchanges
  • Carriers
  • Payroll/HRIS Providers
  • Brokers/Consultants

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Our clients will tell you

Customer satisfaction

"In the past year, we doubled the membership on our exchange platform and anticipate even greater growth. By partnering with Empyrean, we have a combined solution that positions us to successfully meet the most demanding expectations of employers and employees."

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Bloom Health

Customer satisfaction

"In choosing Empyrean, we wanted to offer businesses of all sizes a complete benefits administration solution that can flex with the unpredictable nature of the employee benefits landscape and our clients' needs."

Vice President of Business Development and Technology
Dearborn National

Empyrean gives you options to fit your specific business model

Recordkeeping & Eligibility Technology
Carrier & Data Management Technology
Payroll Deduction Support
Ancillary Services (FSA, HSA, COBRA)
Tier 1 and 2 Call Center
Reporting and Premium Billing Outputs

Plus, we work with you every step of the way providing sales and marketing tools and advice to help ensure success.

Download our partner brochure, contact us today to request more information or schedule a meeting to discuss how partnering with Empyrean for benefits administration can help you expand your business.

Why Empyrean offers the benefits experience you've been looking for


Highly Responsive Benefits Experts

Empyrean provides faster, more proactive service and support from knowledgeable subject matter experts who respond quickly to your requests with complete, accurate information.


Flexible, Client-Adaptive Technology

Empyrean's powerful, user-friendly software simplifies enrollment and enhances employee engagement, so benefits administrators can redirect their efforts to more strategic tasks.


Assured Implementation Success

Empyrean assures implementation success with a proven track record of on-time, seamless transitions for companies of various size and complexity.