Empyrean’s Manager Access Point™ (MAP) Benefits Administration Portal and Dashboard

Your convenient online tool for configuring and administering benefits programs.

Empyrean’s Manager Access Point™ (MAP) gives you a web application that allows you and your Empyrean account team to efficiently implement new populations or clients and make managing the ongoing administration of employee benefits more efficient and effective. With real-time access to full system functionality from any device with an Internet connection, MAP helps you manage changes and updates much easier and faster—saving time and effort on a daily basis.

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Gain insights, make changes and generate reports

Built on Empyrean’s proven, client-adaptive technology platform, MAP enables you to upload data, quickly navigate to individual employee records or easily search for specific information. HR and benefits staff members can generate standard or ad hoc reports as needed, and make event or election inquiries and changes in status. Our platform easily integrates with various other HR systems, payroll software and other third party vendors assuring your data integrity and eliminating potential errors.

You are prepared for tomorrow’s changes

You can’t always predict when a new healthcare regulation, corporate merger, or labor agreement will require changes to your benefits program. With Empyrean MAP we help you manage your current benefit plans alongside new programs, implementing many system changes directly without the need for costly development or reprogramming.

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