Hi-Touch Benefits Administration without Compromise — Only from Empyrean

If you’re tired of struggling with impersonal, offshored support personnel that take forever to respond or system change requests that take forever to complete, there’s good news. Fortune 1000 companies across America are choosing Empyrean to provide a Hi-Touch Benefits Administration experience for even the most complex employee benefits programs. Whether you need to manage today’s increasingly complex benefits environment or achieve compliance with tomorrow’s regulatory requirements, see why Empyrean is the right choice for you.

Compare your current provider with Empyrean

Empyrean Hi-Touch Benefits AdministrationYour Benefits Administration Provider?
Dedicated, expert account team who knows your businessClient team can’t address complex issues
Highly trained domestic call center employeesScripted responses from offshored call centers
Single platform that integrates other disparate HR systemsLegacy system, outdated technology
Easily scales to meet growth demandsMultiple platforms patched together
Built to evolve with your benefits strategyHigh change costs, extended implementation times
99% Client renewal rateHigh attrition rate

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Our clients will tell you

Customer satisfaction

"We self-identify as being unusual in many of our benefits, and Empyrean has done an excellent job absorbing and understanding our benefits program. Our Empyrean team is also great at making recommendations for improvements and moving the project along at a good clip. We are thankful for the chance to work with benefits administration experts."

Cheryl M. Josler
Director of Shared Services
Office of Human Resources, Dartmouth College

Customer satisfaction

"Our Empyrean support team is the best benefits team we’ve ever had. They are very knowledgeable about our company’s offering, and they are so skilled at using Empyrean’s system to resolve problems quickly when they arise. Our Empyrean team is very responsive and always picks up the phone when we call, ever after hours and on weekends. Our entire Benefits Team loves working with Empyrean."

Director of Benefits
Telecommunications Company, Stamford, CT

Our Commitment to Our Clients
An exceptional benefits experience without compromise

There's no reason to put up with limited, compromised health and welfare benefits administration systems when you consider these key advantages from Empyrean's Hi-Touch Benefits Administration:

Why Empyrean offers the benefits experience you've been looking for


Highly Responsive Benefits Experts

Empyrean provides faster, more proactive service and support from knowledgeable subject matter experts who respond quickly to your requests with complete, accurate information.


Flexible, Client-Adaptive Technology

Empyrean's powerful, user-friendly software simplifies enrollment and enhances employee engagement, so benefits administrators can redirect their efforts to more strategic tasks.


Assured Implementation Success

Empyrean assures implementation success with a proven track record of on-time, seamless transitions for companies of various size and complexity.