Hi-Touch Benefits Administration without Compromise — Only from Empyrean

If you’re tired of struggling with impersonal, offshored support personnel that take forever to respond or system change requests that take forever to complete, there’s good news. Fortune 1000 companies across America are choosing Empyrean to provide a Hi-Touch Benefits Administration experience for even the most complex employee benefits programs. Whether you need to manage today’s increasingly complex benefits environment or achieve compliance with tomorrow’s regulatory requirements, see why Empyrean is the right choice for you.

Compare your current provider with Empyrean

Empyrean Hi-Touch Benefits Administration Your Benefits Administration Provider?
Dedicated, expert account team who knows your business Client team can’t address complex issues
Highly trained domestic call center employees Scripted responses from offshored call centers
Single platform that integrates other disparate HR systems Legacy system, outdated technology
Easily scales to meet growth demands Multiple platforms patched together
Built to evolve with your benefits strategy High change costs, extended implementation times
99% Client renewal rate High attrition rate

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