Empyrean helped this Energy Utility achieve the impossible

Energy Utility Client Profile

If you are concerned that your current outsourced benefits administration provider can’t handle recent or upcoming changes at your organization, read this success story. It demonstrates how Empyrean Hi-Touch Benefits Administration transformed the experience for 15,000 employees and 20,000 retirees at this energy utility company.

According to this company’s Benefits Services project manager, “We were told by one vendor that getting our records updated and automating our benefits administration was impossible because of the complexities involved. Thanks to Empyrean, we know nothing is impossible with the right people and right attitude!”

Learn more by reading this success story to see how they were able to:

  • Achieve more cost-effective and successful online enrollment
  • Vastly improve employee satisfaction
  • Automate management for highly complex benefits offerings that included 34 unions, 29 carriers and 484 plans

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