Read this eBook to see how managing eligibility “Leakage” can save you millions of dollars

Save millions of dollars annually by outsourcing your benefits administration

Deciding whether to outsource your benefits administration system can be a daunting task. Empyrean makes it easier with this handy guide.

There are many reasons for an employer to consider outsourcing benefits administration, but here’s one that many overlook in their search for an outsourcing partner: Are you covering the right people under your benefit plans?

That’s because far too many organizations today are spending substantial claims dollars on ineligible employees and dependents. In fact, the loss of revenue due to the payment of ineligible claims is so prevalent that there is a term for it in the industry: leakage. Leakage typically represents between 1% and 4% of all claims paid—and that adds up to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars each year.

This eBook illustrates the issue with a hypothetical case study that shows $2,550,000 in projected annual savings for a company with 10,000 employees and 9,000 dependents covered. The substantial cost savings associated with outsourcing benefits administration come from three key areas:

  • Direct reductions to claim costs from improved eligibility management
  • Administrative and transactional cost reductions
  • Reductions in time and effort to demonstrate compliance

Learn more by reading this free eBook, and see how much you could be saving by outsourcing your healthcare benefits administration.

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"We self-identify as being unusual in many of our benefits, and Empyrean has done an excellent job absorbing and understanding our benefits program. Our Empyrean team is also great at making recommendations for improvements and moving the project along at a good clip. We are thankful for the chance to work with benefits administration experts."

Cheryl M. Josler
Director of Shared Services
Office of Human Resources, Dartmouth College

Customer satisfaction

"I am more than thrilled with Empyrean's performance especially compared to our previous provider. Empyrean is a great partner and because of the aggressive implementation timeline your team had to be spot on and they truly delivered. I have been through many implementations and none of those went as well as this one. I only endorse what I believe in."

Payroll and Benefits Supervisor
Food Manufacturer in New Holland, PA

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There's no reason to put up with limited, compromised health and welfare benefits administration systems when you consider these key advantages from Empyrean's Hi-Touch Benefits Administration:

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Highly Responsive Benefits Experts

Empyrean provides faster, more proactive service and support from knowledgeable subject matter experts who respond quickly to your requests with complete, accurate information.


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Empyrean's powerful, user-friendly software simplifies enrollment and enhances employee engagement, so benefits administrators can redirect their efforts to more strategic tasks.


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Empyrean assures implementation success with a proven track record of on-time, seamless transitions for companies of various size and complexity.