Read this free At-A-Glance Guide to see how data integrity and accuracy can impact your benefits strategy.

Data Integrity and Accuracy:Does your Benefits Administration data help or hurt the realization of your strategy?Data integrity is about making sure your data is as correct and up-to-date as possible, both when going into a system and going forward within the system. Our experience from migrating companies of all sizes and complexities has given us the insight to where clients have previously compromised on their operations, processes, and service – all at a higher than expected cost. We’ve summarized those concerns in this At-A-Glance Guide to help you explore the following:

  • How does your benefits administration technology affect your operations? Is it geared to handle complexity and agile enough to accommodate change?
  • Does your benefits admin technology give you the flexibility to make your job easier? Does it simplify your data and report accurately?
  • How does your benefits administration system find errors or missing information (costs, demographics, Social Security number checks, etc.)? How does your benefits administration system handle, alert, and resolve data errors?
  • How do data integrity and accuracy issues affect your department’s – and your company’s – bottom line? How do you measure that, and how could improving your data integrity help reduce costs and improve services to your employees?

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