Engage on the Go:
Mastering Benefits Connectivity to Support Your Mobile Workforce

Reach your employees working outside of the traditional office – without adding to your workload.

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Modern technology is allowing people to connect across distances, channels, and even workspaces like never before. Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever: Approximately 69% of American employers now offer flexible work policies.

Remote work and flexible working arrangements are becoming key requirements to attract and retain top talent – but the mobile workforce isn’t simply limited to those employees that telecommute. A wide variety of employees (think on-site and traveling employees, shift workers, and retail associates) work outside of a typical 8-to-5 office or are frequently on-the-go.

As employee teams become more widely dispersed and working away from the office becomes the new normal, benefits professionals face a growing challenge to keep their mobile employees engaged. How can you reach employees that work outside of the office, on their feet, or without email – without adding to your workload?

This At-A-Glance Guide will give you practical ideas to engage your mobile employees with their benefits – and keep them engaged – to foster better outcomes for your workers, their families, and your business.


1 | Mobile Engagement Challenges

While the concept of mobile remote work has been around for decades, the number of employees enjoying flexible workspaces has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, there has been a 91% increase in remote work since 2009, and a 44% increase over the past five years alone. Employees are taking note: nearly a third of workers say they have left a job because their employer did not offer enough flexible options.

As the labor market remains tight, the flexibility offered by some mobile positions can be a highly attractive and cost-effective offering for companies to consider. Today, 82% of American companies offer workspace flexibility to boost employee attraction and retention.

While the prevalence of mobile work can provide plenty of perks, it also brings with it some major challenges for HR teams to solve. For employers that have only recently implemented mobile-friendly or remote-work policies, these challenges can be all-new to their organization. For other businesses that rely heavily on mobile employees (those in the retail, hospitality, medical, and service sectors, for example) these challenges may be more familiar, but they can still prove difficult to overcome without the right resources and approach.

Who Are Your Mobile Employees?
There are mobile employees present in nearly every industry. Take a moment to consider what employees make up your mobile workforce today. How do you expect the number of mobile employees – and their roles at your company – to evolve in the coming years?

Mobile employees can include:

  • Retail employees
  • Warehouse workers and inventory management teams
  • Construction workers
  • Foodservice and hospitality professionals
  • Medical workers, including nurses, doctors, and caretakers
  • Service professionals
  • Remote employees
  • Frequent travelers (including salespeople, team managers, and high-level executives)


HR cannot lose sight of the importance of engaging mobile employees – especially as the mobile workforce continues to grow.

Given the major investment that benefits represent for your business, it’s crucial that these employees receive consistent communication and stay just as engaged with their benefits as their in-office or corporate counterparts – regardless of whether mobile employees make up the minority or majority of your workforce today…  More »

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