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Discover how to engage your workforce and gain more from your benefits strategy all year long.

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Annual Enrollment (AE) season is here for many employers, but what about life after enrollment is over? How well prepared are you to engage employees once Open Enrollment season is wrapped up?

For some employees, AE (or OE) can be the only time of year when they are engaged with their benefits – and this lack of year-round engagement can take a serious toll on the success of your benefits strategy.

Employees often face hurdles that make it difficult to understand and interact with their benefits. Participants can easily get confused when trying to decipher benefits jargon, overwhelmed by a plethora of websites and logins to remember, and derailed by other priorities at work and home.

As an HR leader, how can you cut through the noise to ensure your employees are actively engaging with your benefits every day – and making smarter decisions for themselves in the process?

This At-A-Glance Guide takes you through five crucial tips to foster year-round benefits communication and engagement. These tips will help you gain more from your benefits strategy well after enrollment is over. And more relevantly – and most importantly – your employees will get more from their benefits, too.

1 | Aim to Excite, Not Overwhelm

Employees need regular (and in many cases, repeated) reminders when it comes to explaining all the benefits and resources you offer. As an HR professional, you’re constantly analyzing, optimizing, and thinking about your employee benefits. However, your employees likely have an entirely different experience.

67% of employees are uncomfortable when reading about their benefits.1 This means employees need regular nudges throughout the year to gain the confidence to fully absorb (and get excited about) the information you provide.

Remember, very few things about benefits are truly “no brainers” for employees. Participants can be easily become overwhelmed when presented with too much information all at once. And if employees are tuned out, the effectiveness of your engagement efforts will be diminished.

Many employees are familiar with the experience of seeing a flurry of benefits-related emails, posters, and mailers in the weeks leading up to Annual Enrollment. However, 75% of employees don’t fully understand how their benefits work to begin with.1 These employees greatly benefit from support that addresses their needs even after enrollment ends. If your communication strategy is mostly concentrated around your enrollment period, your workforce may have more questions than answers during the remainder of the year.

Always keep your benefit messages clear and concise. Consider applying a simple, employee-centric framework to help craft your messages. For example, try to make sure that you can clearly and quickly answer the following questions…  More »

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