Benefits Administration Simplified

Take control of your benefits strategy, adapt to new challenges, and bring predictability back to your day.

Overcome obstacles to administer employee benefits without the burden.

Leave risks, complexity, and uncertainty behind with the benefits administration partner that truly has your back – no matter what. Empyrean’s client-adaptive technology and dedicated service starts working for you from Day One, and evolves with you to keep your benefits under control today and tomorrow.

With Empyrean, you gain the dedicated support to help tackle your toughest challenges, even the ones you least expect.

Focus on your strategy with the most comprehensive and fully supportive administrative suite

With Empyrean’s easy-to-use HR Administrator Portal, you manage your benefits program from practically any device anytime and anywhere throughout the plan year. Navigate, add, edit, and review your participants’ benefits, populations, and more to optimize administration for employees, dependents, and retirees. Access real-time analytics tools, create custom communications, and gain the insights you need to keep your business moving in the right direction.

Beyond the usual benefits administration:
Simplify your administrative burden and save on costs with Pilot+

Empyrean Pilot+(SM) is benefits administration reimagined to save you time, and give you better and smarter data to save your company 7-10% on costs for self-insured groups.

Pilot+ delivers wins for you, your employees, and your organization. With Pilot+, you can streamline the benefits process (both enrollment and administration) and shrink costs for both your employees and your company.

Pilot+ also consolidates education, engagement, and provider cost transparency all into one integrated platform. You can provide a consistent and predictive employee experience, and reduce your administrative burden given multiple vendors. As a result, you’re putting centralized data and analytics to work for you and your company’s bottom line.

Get real-time analytics and gain transparency into how your benefits are actually performing

Strong reporting gives you insights on how your employees consume their benefits. As a result, you have greater cost understanding and behavior predictability for future planning. Utilize Empyrean’s wide selection of standard reports or leverage ad hoc and custom reporting capabilities to get the important information you need, right when you need it. Run real-time reports or create, schedule, and automate custom reports with just a few clicks.

Offer the accounts your employees need to stay on top of their health and wealth

Administer health savings accounts (HSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs), and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) with ease. Ensure employees are educated about their savings options and manage account eligibility with rules-based benefits enrollment processes.

Lower risks and raise productivity
with effortless COBRA administration

Take back your valuable time with COBRA solutions that eliminate errors, manage your risk, and help make the most of your benefits investment. Maintain effortless compliance with Empyrean’s COBRA solutions, so you gain the peace of mind you need to focus on your priorities.

Don’t leave the accuracy of your
ACA compliance to chance

Take the guesswork out of confusing codes, transmittal processes, hours tracking, difficult deadlines, and ever-changing rules. As your benefits administration provider, Empyrean maintains the clean and reliable data you need to complete Section 6055 and 6056 reporting. Plus, our in-house compliance team continuously tracks regulatory changes and updates your system to reflect the most up-to-date requirements. Leverage Empyrean’s full suite of ACA solutions to match your needs, from data delivery and data translation to full-service reporting.

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Your Full-Service Administration Solution

Benefits Administration Solutions - Benefits Administration via Anytime, Anywhere Access

Benefits Administration via Anytime, Anywhere Access

Benefit Administration Solutions - Robust Standard & Custom Reporting Capabilities

Robust Standard & Custom Reporting Capabilities

Benefits Administration Solutions – Affordable Care Act ACA Compliance & Reporting

ACA Compliance
& Reporting

Benefits Administration Services - Dedicated Service & Case Management

Dedicated Service & Case Management

Benefit Administration Solutions -  Expert benefits administration implementation to guide your success

Knowledgeable and experienced implementation professionals to guide your success

Top Benefits Admin Solutions - Unparalleled Administrative Tools & Control

Unparalleled Administrative Tools & Control

Benefits Administration Solutions - Virtually Unlimited Third-Party Integration Capabilities with HR, Financial, and Wellness Providers

Virtually Unlimited Third-Party Integration Capabilities with HR, Financial, and Wellness Providers

Benefits Administration - Direct Billing & Group Billing

Direct Billing & Group Billing

Benefits Administration - Continuous Data Integrity Safeguards

Continuous Data Integrity Safeguards

Benefits Administration - COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration

Benefits Administration - Dependent & Event Verification

Dependent & Event Verification

QMSO Administration Services - Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) Administration

Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) Administration

Empyrean Core Reports Include

  • Active Payroll Deductions
  • All New Employees
  • Annual Enrollment Elections
  • Annual Enrollment Activity Report
  • Annual Enrollment Change Report
  • Annual Enrollment Daily Statistics Report
  • Dependent Age Out Report
  • Disabled QMCSO Dependents
  • Domestic Partners
  • Employee Demographics with Benefits
  • Employees in Beneficiary Eligible Plans
  • EOI Pending
  • Events on Status
  • New Hire Open Events
  • New Hires Approaching Default
  • Pending Life Events
  • Spouse Life Insurance Tobacco Report
  • Submitted Events Terminations

…and more